Dream the Earth Happy – Positive Plan to Change the World!

Barcroft Media - Michael Nolan Austfonna icecap in Norway on July 16.

This photograph was taken by Marine photographer and environmental lecturer Michael Nolan on July 16 2009, while on an annual voyage to observe the largest icecap in Norway – Austfonna. According to a report in the Telegraph newspaper, Nolan said the image looked ‘just like mother nature in tears, as if she was crying about our inability to reduce global warming”.

He went on to say: “The icescape changes every year I visit. Every summer the route has less ice as the polar cap retreats. On this trip I was struck myself by the amazing image of a woman’s face, a motherly face, crying. Totally natural but very animated because of the amount of melt water running off.

“This is how one would imagine mother nature would express her sentiments about our inability to reduce global warming. It seemed an obvious place for her to appear, on the front of a retreating ice shelf, crying.”

(For the full article see http://www.telegraph.co.uk

This image brings up two interesting concepts. The first is Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) being perceived as significant. According to wikipedia “Carl Sagan hypothesized that as a survival technique, human beings are “hard-wired” from birth to identify the human face. This allows people to use only minimal details to recognize faces from a distance and in poor visibility but can also lead them to interpret random images or patterns of light and shade as being faces.

A 2009 magnetoencephalography study backs up his theory as it found that “face perception evoked by face-like objects is a relatively early process, and not a late cognitive reinterpretation phenomenon.”

The second concept is that of thoughts influencing reality.  Watch this video:

So if we are hard-wired to ‘humanise’ patterns and taking into account that our thoughts affect matter, is it possible that our collective worry about the planet created a pattern that we were all wired to recognise?

I believe it is very possible and therefore very important that we start changing our thoughts and putting our focus on positive outcomes.  If together we start imagining a healthy, recovered, happy planet then we can dream our chosen happy timeline into existence. We could do this in an instant if we all put the work into noticing how we think, and into noticing how much we are fed negative images, information and scenarios.

Whether we are being deliberately manipulated, or whether we are doing it because we don’t realise how dangerous it is to feed on negative thoughtforms, isn’t really the issue as neither option can affect us if we change how we think. So the challenge?

  • Stop feeding your mind with negative outcomes. That means be very discerning about watching news or reading newspapers. Either stop or at least be aware that for every bad story going on there are hundreds of good things happening that are never reported.
  • Find a positive angle in everything that you hear and actively look for positive stories..
  • Use vision boards and positive words to dream yourself happy and to include beautiful earth images so that a healthy, happy planet is always included in what you imagine.
  • Connect with animals and nature.
  • Pass on positive stories to others. Don’t pass on bad news, scare stories or engage in pessimistic conversations.
  • If your thoughts are stressing you, depressing you or making you sad then ask for help. There are hundreds of wonderful teachers and methods out there that can help so have a look around and work with whatever system appeals to you.
  • Find a meditation practise that works for you. Learning to be with yourself in silence opens you to the much bigger you that lives within you…
  • Don’t listen to people who say that it’s so hard to become enlightened and all that sort of separatist thinking. That’s just another negative thoughtform disguised as a philosophy. A happy human being at peace with themselves and the world around them, doing his or her very best to consciously create a happier, healthier world is an enlightened human being. That’s all. It’s no big mystery and if you’re not feeling like that right in this moment you’re only a thought away from it!

We all need to give ourselves a fair chance. Keep in mind that when we do something over and over again we get good at it. Learning to think in a positive, creative way is something that will become very natural and easy when we keep practising. Gradually the slips back into fear and gloom will lessen and eventually we’ll just see a positive angle in everything.  Then we’ll reach tipping point and the move towards positive, peaceful outcomes will become unstoppable.


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