The Beauty in Crop Circles

Has our diet of TV, CGi effects and gloomy news stories turned us into the most jaded people ever to inhabit planet earth? I ask because it just stuck me this summer that not once has any news paper or TV news station led with a story focusing on the amazing complexity and beauty of crop circles which appear with regularity all around the globe.

Why do we roll our eyes and say “Oh crop circles!” in a dismissive way? Why do we accept the party line and just swallow the explanations that say they are all hoaxes?  Well who is doing the hoaxing? Why do they do it? How do they complete such magnificent works so quickly, in the dark, unseen and unnoticed by anyone?

And if they are all not being made by what I would call ‘nature artists’, then who else might be creating them and what might they be trying to communicate?

The people who scoff the ‘alien’ hypotheses usually do so by commenting that it seems ridiculous for another race to communicate with us through fields of corn. Maybe that’s not so ridiculous. If you were a member of an alien race observing this world who would you communicate with? What government would you choose? Would you trust any government? Would you want to get to the people, but in a gentle way that doesn’t cause mass panic or interference in world affairs? Would you decide to let the idea that we might not be all alone out here on this little planet seep in gently, knowing that it might take years for people to really start to understand what the circles might be trying to say? Would you use nature to show that the diversity and natural beauty of this planet is the only resource that has value?

And if they are all man-made creations, does that stop them from being amazing works of symbolic and artistic wonder? Can we not still wonder at the precision of the artwork, the gentleness that rarely breaks a stalk, the speed with which they appear, and the brilliance of the artists who manage to come and go without ever being caught by anyone?

But there are even more mind expanding hypotheses! They may be a group consciousness phenomena created by a newly discovered ability of DNA to emit electromagetic waves that can communicate data that we have yet to fully understand.According to this article by Bradley York Bartholomew:

“Fascinating new discoveries by Russian molecular biologists have revealed that DNA has a mysterious resonance that has been termed the Phantom-DNA Effect.  In addition these Russian researchers have found that DNA reacts to voice activated laser light when it is set at the specific frequency of the DNA itself.  Using these methods it is possible not only to change the information patterns in the DNA, but it is also possible to communicate with the DNA. It seems that there is a divine intelligence in the DNA that is capable of resonating with the natural frequency of the earth in order to create crop circles.”

He has written an interesting article outling his theory in which he says:

“The findings of the molecular biologists Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr. Vladimir Poponin of the Russian Academy of Science concerning the ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’ have a radical connection with the formation of crop circles in the United Kingdom and throughout the world in recent times.  According to these scientists the DNA is emitting electromagnetic waves that continue to manifest even after the DNA sample has been removed from the experiment.  Hence the name ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’.  The genetic procedures being adopted by these scientists have been commented on and explained by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (1), who have put forward the theory that self-radiating balls of light often seen in the sky and mistaken for extra-terrestrial visitors are in fact a group consciousness phenomenon brought about by hypercommunication within the DNA.  This theory by Fosar and Bludorf can also explain the formation of crop circles which are also commonly attributed to extra-terrestrial visitors.  In addition it will be shown that the precise technology being adopted by the aforesaid scientists in Moscow represents a new energy source, previously unknown to mankind, that is capable also of creating crop circles.” Full article

Could he be right? I don’t know, but isn’t time we all stopped being so cynical and just let a little wonder and speculation back into our lives…

To find out more about crop circles check out the crop circle connector website and to hear the alien/unknown origin side of the story watch this you tube:


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