Quantum Communcation, Soulmates and Consciousness

Is life an accidental series of chance events or is it consciously created by the signals we send out to the world around us? More and more the world of quantum physics is aligning with ancient spiritual truths that say that we are what we attract and what we attract will largely be shaped by how in tune or not we are with conscious creation.

According to David Sereda, who made the excellent documentary Quantum Communication [link at end of post]:

“We can see how we can focus and actually attract not only our soulmates and soul matches, but our future business partners and actually creating a career for ourselves that is more harmonious to who we really are. We can also see how we can use the field to attract our spiritual teachers. We want to find teachers that resonate with where we want to go in our spirituality regardless of our religion, but also how we can use the field to create a dialogue with the universe itself.”

What is the quantum world?

The quantum world is not bound by the same laws as the actual visible and tangible world we see around us. In this visible world, the nature of things is an entropic one; meaning that all things proceed naturally from a state of order to one of disorder. Meaning, in normal language, that all things, including people, age, die and decay. Buildings crumble, metals corrode, landscapes erode.

But for the quantum particle it’s different. It doesn’t go in a logical direction of order to disorder. It tries everything at the same time and always leaves a trace. Like, for example, when you’re buying a house, you look at a few, then pick one and move in. That’s not how the quantum particle would do it. It would move into all of them, trying each simultaneously. All the neighbours in the different neighbourhoods would remember this particle that moved in next door. When it would finally decide on the house it wanted, all its other selves would leave the other houses but all the neighbours in the different neighbourhoods would still remember the particle that lived next door – that’s what leaving a trace means.

It’s all quite magical, but it would seem that we all contain that magic within us as ultimately we are composed of the same quantum particles that display these very unusual characteristics. Not only are physicists discovering that the more they study the quantum universe the more mysterious it becomes, but also that human consciousness has a direct effect on whatever experiments are carried out regardless of where the conscious observers (i.e. the people carrying out and analysing the experiments) are located.

A quantum physics book has far more in common nowadays with ancient spiritual texts than it has with standard scientific literature.  All the great masters had a far more profound understanding of how this universe works, an understanding that the world of physics is now beginning to rediscover.

But what does this mean for us? How does it play out in our daily lives? Well if we look at consciousness as an expression of quantum forces it means that, as conscious beings, we each contain an exquisitely sensitive creative force that has unlimited power to shape the reality that we identify as our lives and indeed the world around us. It also means that on this level everything is interconnected and instantaneous regardless of time, distance or location.

Call it God or the divine or universal consciousness, this connecting and creating force exists and in human terms it is something that is experienced or felt rather than known through mental logic or theory.

This is why all the spiritual masters place such emphasis on being conscious. In spiritual terms to be conscious is not so much to do with mental activity, rather it is a connection within that flows, balances and connects with a feeling state that is aware of and open to a communication with life itself. It is a flow of love, a recognition that we are all one and an understanding that everything we do affects the whole. Being present to consciousness is to live in love.

Likewise to be unconscious is not to be asleep; it is to be unaware. In the unconscious state emotions leak out in all directions, affecting and impacting on anyone, including our own selves, who may be at the receiving end of our lack of clarity. It is the path of absence, the path of fear. It sets the one as ‘an other’, apart from and in competition with the whole. it is a ‘peaceless’ state – as out of balance with its own self as the raindrop that claims to have no connection whatsoever with the ocean.

Physical life goes with the physical laws but consciousness,  like a quantum particle, is always striving for the stable position, always striving to be at peace with the whole. Two realities, two worlds – one which can be seen and touched, and the other which can only be felt.

The feeling within is the most powerful as it is how we truly come to know ourselves. Something within us allows an inner evolution to become possible. Something within us pushes for growth; something within us broke free of the order to disorder cycle. Something within us allows a physical body to feel an intangible realm. When we get in touch with that feeling within we have access to such a creative force that suddenly all doors open and anything becomes possible. It’s not as simple as focusing the mind on a desired outcome, it requires the focus of the entire being and a heartfelt committment to walk a path of love and trust.

The real war on this planet has been between those who have always known this and those who want to keep this power suppressed. In essence the path of fear versus the path of love. We are at a point now of such growing awareness that maybe now is the time that we can begin to end this war.

To hear more about the fascinating world of Quantum Communication check out this DVD by David Sereda Quantum Communication. He covers a wide range of topics from soulmates and the power of healing to the latest scientific research in quantum physics. Definitely one to add to the library.