The Annunaki: The real stars of The Event,V and The Adjustment Bureau?

TV land and the cinema are filled right now with stories of alien invasion and master controlling races.

In V, a reptilian based life form with an overlay outer body of human skin arrives in giant spaceship and parks over 28 cities around the world. They say they come in peace – always – but their real agenda is to complete a hybrid breeding programme using human DNA to strengthen their own. Their motives towards the human race are obviously not good or else they would have politely asked for help and for a little bit of DNA.  It would seem that they are endangered because they are not breeding themselves for some reason still unknown. The implied story from where I see it right now is that as soon as they have what they need they will bring in the fleet of cloaked ships hovering around earth and forcibly use earth females to breed with their menfolk, eventually taking over the planet by out populating the indigenous human species.

The Event meanwhile focuses on a mysterious group of aliens who look just like humans but do not age like humans do. They crash on earth and the injured are captured by the US army and placed in a purpose built holding facility in Alaska. What the government don’t realize is that all those uninjured in the crash escaped and are now living freely in the population but with what motive? The leader Sofia is a mysterious character and seems to not want to hurt the human population in any way. There was a brief mention that all may not be well on their own planet but this group do seem to follow a Star Trekian prime directive of sorts  – ie to not interfere with or cause harm to the indigenous population. However her son has turned and now seems to be following his own agenda which may be bad for the human population.  The last series ended with him launching a satellite which seemed to be sending a signal out to space. The new series began this Monday March 7th with the information that the signal has been decoded and said;“Preparations are being made for your arrival.” This is not in line with Sophia’s agenda and, according to one of the aliens, Maya, will be disastrous for humanity.

Meanwhile the very compelling and gripping movie The Adjustment Bureau, sees a group of master controllers, who are charged to oversee the life paths of every human, explain that true free will had to be taken from humanity as all the evidence shows that humanity is as yet not able to deal with the kind of responsibility necessary for the good of planet Earth.

So what do V, The Event and The Adjustment Bureau have in common? The Annunaki it would seem….

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll have a look at the Annunaki! In the mean time here’s a clip from The Adjustment Bureau…


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