Intelligent Alien Civilisation!

The secret life of ants…

OK so a bit of a misleading headline, but deliberately so.  So much time, money and resource is spent on trying to find out if there is intelligent life in the universe while the whole time highly intelligent lifeforms are continuing on with life right under our noses.  If we could truly communicate with dolphins and whales, can you imagine what they might be able to tell us? And in the clips below,  just take the time out to look at what ants can achieve and ask yourself if a documentary on a civilisation on a newly discovered planet could be any more interesting..

Out planet is full of intelligent life, most of whom live in balance with their surroundings. Only one life form appears to be a bit dumb. Created with an amazing aptitude for learning, conscious thought, self healing and repair it has dismissed all of this as woo-woo bunkum and chosen to worship at an altar that has taught it to pollute its own environment, create power sources it doesn’t understand and can’t control (nuclear power anyone!) and furthermore doesn’t seem to get the fact that helping and protecting others, as well as the environment, helps its own self to survive in the long run. Even bacteria and viruses are infinitely more intelligent than this one. And who could it be?   Yes! That’s us folks..probably the silliest, most ungrateful life form the universe has ever spawned.  But that capacity to blossom still lies within us. can we do it before it’s too late?


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