2012: A Global Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study Multiple Realities, Timelines, and Events

The Farsight Institute researches the phenomenon of remote viewing.

According to the Institute:

“Remote viewing is a tool that we use to explore questions relating to consciousness and existence. Contributing to the science of consciousness through investigations into the remote-viewing phenomenon is the primary goal for our path of service.

The Western scientific paradigm postulates that consciousness is a phenomenon strictly related to brain physiology. This belief has dominated society, and it has inhibited scientific investigation into the nature of consciousness that can exist outside of or independently from the physical brain. The consequences have been devastating to life. Because material creation is the bottom line in this world view, the drive to acquire material comforts has overshadowed the more fundamental aspects of existence. We have stopped viewing ourselves as being connected to all humans, to all of life, and to all of creation. Resulting greed has brought us the possibility of widespread destruction of life.

We at The Farsight Institute seek to overturn this flawed paradigm before it is too late. Research at The Farsight Institute demonstrates that consciousness is more than a by-product of the physical human nervous system. Solid evidence demonstrates that consciousness fundamentally transcends the linear evolution of time and the relativistic limitations of space. Consciousness appears to be intrinsic to — and permeates all of — physical creation. In essence, our physical nervous system appears to act as a tuning device that connects us to an underlying field of nature through which knowledge of all things is possible.

At The Farsight Institute, we are dedicated to the practical and benevolent investigation and use of remote viewing, to solve scientific problems that are otherwise intractable, and to ask questions that are new and challenging. Doing this is integral to our educational goal of transforming how people think of themselves and their world, and it is consistent with our own personal pursuit of growth in consciousness.

Using the controls of modern science, we seek to help humanity discern that which is real in the context of a universe filled with mystery. We hope that this path of service will contribute to a positive and significant human destiny.

2012 Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study

The Farsight Institute are currently engaged in a fascinating study using remote viewing to study climate and planetary change between the years 2008 and 2013. The initial results appear dramatic on a global scale, and our research does indeed suggest that major global change is a possibility between now and 2013. However, web site visitors are reminded that this is research, not certitude. Remember what Albert Einstein once said, “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?” Web site visitors are encouraged to examine all of our results carefully, and learn with us as we complete this experiment in mid-2013. We will not fully understand these remote-viewing data until the experiment is completed at that time.

How we obtain these results is a bit complicated, but it is worth the effort to understand our methods. The actual types of global change is discussed in the second part of the video presentation below, but the first part of this presentation is absolutely essential to understand how these results were obtained. Web site visitors should watch both parts of the video presentation. This presentation was given during the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in Boulder, Colorado in June 2010.

This is the most carefully collected set of professional-grade remote-viewing data involving this time span that currently exists. This experiment is potentially one of the most significant experiments ever attempted using remote viewing as a data-collection platform.”

The clip below features Dr Courtney Brown, Director of The Farsight Institute, presenting the initial findings:


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