Astrologically Speaking: Michael D Higgins the next Irish President…

by Dr Donal Holland


As there are no times of births available for each of the candidates in the Irish Presidential election, the astrologer here explains that he will use a noon chart as it may just give enough information to make a prediction.

As Michael D Higgins Solar Lunar Return is in exact conjunction with the sun, and the moon represents the self – i.e. Michael D in this case; it is a very good indication that the person who has this chart will be entering a public position.  A look at the noon charts of the other candidates finds them without any strong indicators of success. The astrologer does emphasise however that, without an exact birth time chart, he cannot say 100% that none of the rival candidates possess planets in positions strong enough to beat Michael D.  So to conclude, just going on the noon chart analysis, things are looking very good for Michael D Higgins!

For the full astrological details and reasoning behind this prediction read on….

There are no times only dates of birth for each of the candidates bidding for the Irish Presidential post. Astrologers are therefore restricted in what they can do. It is just possible that with big issues, such as high public office, using a noon chart (putting the sun as near as possible to the MC) and unfolding the chart through its progressions and returns for the day of the election will be informative.

All seven candidates show reasonably strong positive and negative testimonies for their election bid. And we would be burdened with the bothersome task of weighing these favourable and unfavourable testimonies, trying to asses overall which candidate was most favoured were it not for the heavens being most helpful with Michael D Higgins’ Solar Lunar Return chart (a chart set for the Moon’s exact place in the Solar Return that occurs immediately prior to the election date).

And keeping in mind the limitations of a noon chart this Solar Lunar Return chart is aptly descriptive, rendering the positive testimonies in the rivals’ charts to describing the limelight in which they find themselves by its eloquent testimony to Michael D. Higgins being elected next Irish president.

Michael D. Higgins’ Solar Lunar Return (Scorpio 2.58) is cazimi and since the Moon as lunar return is Michael D. himself (Lunar Return Moon is an intensification of the self) as well as taking its meaning from its source, the Solar Return where it is lord 1 (Michael D. himself), it is emphatically clear that the raising up (cazimi) belongs to Michael D. Note lord 7, Jupiter perfects by mutual application its tight opposition with the Sun.

This is a serious affliction, almost equivalent to combustion for his opponents. In itself it is a clear indication that the opponents are rendered powerless. Factor in Michael D. cazimi and it is without doubt that the Jupiter/Sun opposition represents the opponents losing the presidential bid to Michael D.

For added emphasis the pre-election eclipse Asc/Dsc axis (Leo/Aquarius 25.32) falls on the antiscion of Solar Lunar Return Jupiter/Sun/Moon opposition indicating the importance of the favouring of the native (cazimi Moon) and the rejection of the opponents (Jupiter afflicted by Sun) in the election battle.

Indeed, if we take eclipse Jupiter (Taurus 4.59) as lord of the eclipse then its conjunction with Solar Lunar Return Jupiter (Taurus 5.35) highlights the opponents’ loss all the more. Note also eclipse lord 10 Venus (Gemini 26.33) falls on the Solar Lunar Return Asc (Gemini 28.06) emphasising the importance of this election for Michael D.

And because it also falls on Michael D’s Part of Kings (Gemini 28.10) it is clear Michael D is highlighted because of his imminent rise to presidency.
Fixed star Polaris (the Pole star) is on the Solar Lunar Return Asc. (Gemini 28. 06). Because this navigational fixed star is positioned almost motionless in the sky, such that all the stars in the northern hemisphere appear to revolve around it, it is a most propitious indicator of Michael D.’s bid for the position of president which itself guides the ship of state.

Fixed star cluster Acumen (Sagittarius 28) is on the Dsc (Sagittarius 28.06). Acumen is situated in the Scorpion, just above the sting and because of the Scorpion is an agent of endings (stinging Orion to death) the indication here is that the opponents are finished off and therefore fail in their bid for presidency.

To beat Michael D. Higgins a rival would have to have a relevant planet (eg. lord 1) cazimi in dignity or at least peregrine; or failing that a relevant planet about to undertake a major improvement in dignity. Moreover, the rival candidate would also have to top Michael D’s opponents being harmed by the perfecting tight opposition of his lord 7 with the Sun, plus emphasised by more than one axis (Eclipse axis falls on cazimi Moon).

A trained glance at the charts of the other candidates simply to confirm the absence of such testimonies testifies to Michael D. Higgins becoming the new occupant of Aras an Uachtarain when the incumbent, Mary McAleese, steps down, 11 November 2011


Michael D Higgins 18 April 1941, Limerick, Asc Leo 15.51
Martin McGuinness 23 May 1950, Derry, Asc Virgo 9.40
Gay Mitchell 30 December 1951, Dublin, Asc Aries 21.57
Mary Davis 6 August 1954, Swinford (Co Mayo), Asc Scorpio 1.19
Sean Gallagher 7 July 1962, Monaghan, Asc Libra 11.03
David Norris 1 July 1944, Kinshasa, Asc Libra 11.26
Rosemary Scallon 30 August 1951, London, Asc Scorpio 17.39

Pre election eclipse 1 July 2011, 8.39 GMT (Set the chart for each candidate’s location. All eclipse charts accordingly will be slightly different. For Michael D Higgins’ location the Asc is Leo 25.32).


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