The Annunaki: Sentient Dinosaurs?

CryptoHunter John Rhodes has an interesting hypothesis about the reptilian beings that are so much a part of Earth’s mythical history.

He believes that “the beings that humanity has been calling “E.T.’s”  or “Aliens” are (in many cases) sightings of sentient Reptilian-Humanoid “Reptoid” beings that are native to Earth, or fellow “Terrans”

The Terrestrial Reptoid Hypothesis further contends that the ancestors of the reptoids (and possibly other life forms) retreated into underground caverns during environmental cataclysms long ago and there they continued to thrive and evolve into the sentient beings they appear to be today.

Their descendants, according to the hypothesis, have science and military representatives that are secretly interacting with human subjects, both civilian and military.

They appear to be currently living in three areas:

1)  Under Earth’s Surface, in Cavern-Cities (and villages) in remote (and sometimes local) geological locations (such as state parks and wilderness areas) – Both U.S. and Foreign.

2)  Off World

3)  In alternate vibrational states of reality (other dimensions).”    Source

Rhodes is interviewed in the clip below from a series on Reptoid Creatures produced by the Animal X – Natural Mystery Unit.  The second clip offers a viewpoint from another Cryptozoologist who disagrees with Rhodes theories.

However Rhodes does make some interesting points. We don’t know for sure that dinosaurs did not evolve to become sentient beings capable of inventing technology, space travel and more. Just because we haven’t found any fossils is not a strong enough case against his theory.  Perhaps they had already evolved and fled the planet just before the extinction event occurred?

That they could become very intelligent is evidenced in the only known relatives of the dinosaurs that we see around us today. Namely birds! Most researchers now support the view that birds are a group of theropod dinosaurs that evolved during the Mesozoic Era.  And birds are capable of extreme feats of intelligence (see the clips below). Interestingly birds are also the only species that is capable of speech.

So is it possible that the Annunaki tales of old are not myth but describe an ancestor dinosaur race who left the planet but then returned to mine for gold? It would explain why in the myths they are territorial about the planet and act very much as if they have a right to it. That would be a logical argument for them to make if they were here first. In their view they were just coming home to visit.

It would also make sense of the strange Sumerian tales of genetic manipulation and the breeding program they supposedly undertook to create the worker humans.  As both the mammals and the dinosaurs originated on Earth, then the basic DNA of both came from the same source. That would explain why the genetic manipulation worked (according to their stories) as a completely alien species would surely have few similarities with humans and thus would make any genetic intermingling very difficult.

So, if indeed a hypothesis such as this were found to be true, a humanoid dinosaur may not be as unlike us as we want to believe!  Perhaps we should pay closer attention to our feathered friends, the birds, to get a sense of what a Reptoid personality may be like. Check out the clips below Animal X to see some clever birds in action..

And check out this story in the UK Daily Mail:

Welcome to our new lizard overlords: Study suggests alien worlds could be full of super-intelligent dinosaurs

  • Life-forms based on different amino acids could be intelligent dinosaurs
  • Mammals only triumphed on Earth due to ‘accident’ of asteroid
  • ‘We would be better off not meeting them,’ says American scientist
Read full article here.

You can watch all five parts on you tube or for more information on Animal x go to


5 thoughts on “The Annunaki: Sentient Dinosaurs?”

  1. Reptoids living in underground cities? Give a basic intelligent human being a break. The supplies of food they’d need would be tremendous; who supplies it? The area they inhabit would eventually be to small as their population expands! They love in the dark; or they have non-electrical lights?

    1. I agree Rick. To my mind the idea of underground cities is a theory I find pretty out there and in my view far fetched, but we do like to present all views. However the idea that dinosaurs may have evolved to become an intelligent species that subsequently moved on from earth is one that is possible and not something that we see considered by many. We are so human centric that we are rooted in the belief that we are the only ones to have evolved but we may not be. It may just be that earth is a place where species evolve and eventually move on. All just thoughts I know, but isn’t thinking fun!

    2. Look mofo…if they are more intelligent beings, living by our understanding of survival would be novice right? Why is it that you BELIEVE, your understanding is so sound and solid up against a text book, that any claims of something foreign to YOU, is nonsense? Simply because you’re educated and are right on math problems, and doing taxes and taking care of your family (if you have one yet). There is something bigger than we all know happening, its been in motion, we’ll see soon.

  2. That could very weel be the case. But when we move on to another place who will take our place? Maybe Cats? Octopus?

    1. Well as Toxoplasmosis can get in and control the brain and cats can carry that and pass it on (if you don’t manage litter trays correctly – I’m a cat fan so don’t agree with the scare stories!) then my vote is for the cats…. The new earth of comfy cushions LOL!

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