Astrological look at the French Presidential Election

François Hollande looks set to be the next President of France

by Dr Donal Holland


The astrological birth chart of François Hollande delivers compelling testimony to his election to the French presidency.  Two neatly balanced testimonies to his success are provided by his progressed chart for 2011: a significant change of term testifies to his chief rival, Nicolas Sarkozy, leaving office, while the royal fixed star Antares testifies to Hollande himself undertaking the stellar elevation that characterises presidency.  Put differently, Sarkozy vacates office to facilitate Hollande’s accession.

This framework is developed in the Solar Return where there are several testimonies to Sarkozy’s downfall, such as the two notably unsavoury fixed stars, the Northern Claw and Al Heka.  But the most significant testimony is the Solar Return’s highlighting of the radix opposition that shows that Sarkozy’s downfall is at the hands of Hollande.  A related testimony to Sarkozy’s disempowerment is his location in Hollande’s house.  Specifically for Hollande what is significant is his major luminary, the Sun conjunct the Solar Return Part of Kings which is associated, as the name implies, with rulership.  And this favourable emphasis on Hollande’s rulership is further underlined by the Solar Return chart’s additional highlighting of his radix Part of Kings.

The Lunar Return again highlights Hollande in terms of the elevation that characterises presidency, this time by the royal fixed star, Aldebaran.  His success is also assured by the testimony that his bid for presidential office has sufficient strength to triumph over an assault.  And the significant emphasis on Sarkozy’s beleaguered state, such that he is overpowered in Hollande’s house, does much to assist Hollande’s presidential success.  There are, however, a number of testimonies that detract from Hollande’s glorious triumph.  But, as they are nowhere near enough to rob him of his presidency, they must simply reflect a close-fought election campaign that has to resort to the second ballot, 6 May.

The testimonies of the Solar Lunar Return (the Lunar Return derived from the Solar Return) are fewer and not as powerful as those of the previous charts.  Nevertheless they clearly champion Hollande.  Most important is the testimony of the Sun which represents Hollande.  This is gloriously placed at the top of the chart, a most suitable placement for a president.  Moreover, it is in direct conflict with his rival, Sarkozy (Saturn), who positioned at the bottom of the chart is at a distinct disadvantage.  And disadvantaged he is because Holande’s Part of Kings is once more emphasised, this time by the Solar Lunar Return.

There is no doubt then that from the number and weight of testimonies not only to Hollande’s victory but also his rival, Sarkozy’s defeat that Françoise Hollande will be elected next president of France.

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A detailed analysis of François Hollande’s birth-chart

for the 2012 French Presidential Election

Francois Hollande Birth Chart

François Hollande: 12 August 1954; Rouen, France; 00:10 hrs; Asc Gemini 7.48 (Source: Astro-databank).

French Presidential Election 22 April 2012

Pre-election (total lunar) eclipse: 10 December 2011; 15:33 hrs; Asc Taurus 24.06

Progressed Chart 2011: Asc Cancer 28.24

Progressed Chart

The progressed chart provides some general hints of what M Hollande can expect in his presidential bid.  Significantly, progressed MC (Aries 5.03) about to leave term of the enemy, lord 7, Jupiter describes the office of president (MC) slipping from the grip of the enemy, the incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy.

And during the election month, April 2012, Progressed Part of Fortune (Sagittarius 10) conjuncts royal fixed star Antares.  Because Hollande is seeking elevation to presidency it is the royal factor that is important.  Accordingly it is favourable testimony for his presidential bid.

Solar Return 2011; Asc Capricorn 17.32

Solar Return Chart

The enemy, Solar Return lord 7, the Moon (Capricorn 24.37) is in the 1st house and reasonably close to the Asc describing the enemy in the power of Hollande.  This is favourable testimony to Hollande’s presidential win.  Note the Solar Return Moon conjuncts by antiscion the radix Desc (Sagittarius 7.48).  This highlighting of the enemy (Desc) by its own beleaguered self (Moon) is further testimony to Hollande’s triumph over his enemy in the election battle.  Furthermore, the eclipse MC (Capricorn 26.18) falls on the compromised Solar Return Moon emphasising that this captured Moon is in play in the much narrower period framed by the pre-election eclipse.  Taken  together then this entire configuration is clear testimony to Hollande defeating his enemy in the presidential election.

Fixed star the Northern Claw (Scorpio 19.15) in the constellation the Scorpion that brought down proud, boastful and worldly Orion (stinging him to death) conjuncts the MC (Scorpio 20.03).  From its location (MC) and association (worldly pride) it is patently a reference to the president and therefore a clear indication that the incumbent, Sarkozy will be brought down.  And since Sarkozy is Hollande’s only real rival for the position, it is (indirect) testimony to Hollande’s presidential victory.

Note the Solar Return Part of Fortune (Gemini 23.26) which falls on malefic fixed star Al Hecka (Gemini 24.50), denoting the horn-tip of the bull, conjuncts by antiscion Solar Return lord 10, Mars (Cancer 5.33).  This describes the presidential incumbent (Sarkozy) gored.  The conjunction, moreover, takes place in the Solar Return 6th (the pain and suffering the world inflicts upon us).  By reflecting the description of the president (MC) wounded by the Scorpion, Al Hecka underlines the loss and suffering the presidential incumbent, Sarkozy will undergo by not being re-elected.

Solar Return Asc/Desc axis (Capricorn/Cancer 17.32) falls on the radix tight and perfecting opposition of the native, the Moon (Capricorn 17.29) and the enemy, lord 7, Jupiter (Cancer 17.42) where the Moon not only has power over Jupiter (Moon rules Jupiter) but destroys it (Moon receives Jupiter into its fall).   Accordingly, the Solar Return Asc/Desc axis, by emphasising the crushing power Hollande wields over his enemy in the radix, clearly identifies Hollande defeating his enemy this solar return year.  And since this is the year Hollande seeks presidential election it is powerful testimony to his victory.  This testimony is underpinned by the lord of the eclipse Asc, Venus (Capricorn 17.26) falling on the highlighted radix Moon that holds the enemy in its powerful and destructive grip.

Solar Return North Node (Sagittarius 22.05) conjuncts by antiscion radix Part of Kings/Part of Spirit (Capricorn 9.02).  This is favourable testimony for Hollande to win.

But note Hollande will not get his presidency on a plate: Solar Return lord 1, Saturn (Libra 12.13) is in the Solar Return 8th – perhaps a reference to a close-fought campaign and a second ballot on the 6 May.

When the arc of the radix Part of Kings (Capricorn 9.02) is cast into the Solar Return using the same degree of arc in the radix it falls at Leo 18.35 which tightly conjuncts the Solar Return (Leo 18.43).  This gives Hollande’s bid for leadership (Part of Kings) this Solar Return year a significant boost.

Also note eclipse Asc/Desc axis (Taurus/Scorpio 24.06) conjuncts by antiscion radix IC/MC axis (Leo/Aquarius 6.04).  Also eclipse nodal axis falls on the antiscion of the radix nodal axis.  These hits highlight the period governed by the eclipse is a significant time for Hollande.  And from the powerful testimonies to his election victory it is clear this significance is Hollande becoming the 2012 president of France.

The important testimony here to Hollande’s presidential win is the highlighting of the radix opposition that shows him triumphant over his enemy.  Also significant is the natal arc of the Part of Kings conjunct the Sun which emphasises his leadership elevation this year.  On its own Lord 7 in the 1st house is only minor testimony, but the heavy emphasis it gets from the radix and the eclipse charts increases its significance.  Other minor testimonies are the North Node favourably highlighting the radix Part of Kings and the Northern Claw on the MC (and the related Al Hecka) vacating the office for Hollande’s ascent.  And again while each individually is of the minor significance, when considered together these supporting testimonies have formidable leverage.

Lunar Return 13 April 2012; Asc Sagittarius 15.52

Lunar Return Chart

Lunar Return lord 10, Venus (Gemini 8.09) conjuncts royal fixed star Aldebaran (Gemini 9) which, presiding over the Spring Equinox, denotes a new beginning.  This royal fixed star, appropriately in play (lord 10) in his chart for this crucial month of a presidential election is favourable testimony to Hollande experiencing the powerful elevation (royal) and new beginning (Aldebaran) of being elected to the French presidential office.  Moreover, Lunar Return Venus falling on the radix Asc (Gemini 7.48) emphasises that the native is to experience this uplift.  Taken as a whole then this entire configuration is powerful testimony to Hollande’s presidential victory.

It is possible Lunar Return nodal axis falling by antiscion on the Lunar Return 2nd/8th cusp axis is a general unfavourable testimony for his presidential bid because it draws in the malefic 8th.  This difficulty might again signify Hollande experiencing some frustration in his campaign to be elected.  But it might also mean the presidential pay upgrade.

Lunar Return South/North Node axis (Gemini/Sagittarius 5.56) falls on the radix Asc/Desc axis (Gemini/Sagittarius 7.48).  The primary factor is the axial alignment which signals an important time; which Node falls where is secondary.  So, while an important time is described for Hollande, the qualifying South Node on the Asc might again be an indication of frustration.  Further testimony to the importance of this crucial election month for Hollande is provided by the antiscion of the eclipse MC/IC axis (Capricorn/Cancer 26.18) falling on the axial alignment.  And while Hollande experiences frustration from the South Node, and to some extent from the eclipse IC, the rather serious matter of the emphasised encircled enemy (Solar Return lord 7, the Moon trapped in the 1st house) is also highlighted by these axial alignments.  Indeed the enemy’s compromised position is further underlined by essentially and accidentally debilitated eclipse Mercury (in detriment and retrograde, Sagittarius 4.56) falling on what is already an extensive collision of Solar Return, Lunar Return and eclipse factors that already emphasise the enemy’s beleaguered state.  So, while it seems very likely that Hollande will experience frustration with his election bid, his enemy’s heavily emphasised trapped state is sufficient to ensure Hollande has the upper hand.

The total lunar eclipse axis (Sagittarius 18.10/Gemini 18.08) and the eclipse North/South Node axis (Sagittarius 14.17) falling on the Lunar Return Asc/Desc axis (Sagittarius/Gemini 15.52) highlights the significance of the Lunar Return that foretells Hollande defeating his enemy to become the next president of France.

The tight perfecting antiscial opposition of Lunar Return Saturn (Libra 26.23) and Mars (Virgo 3.41) seems significant.  Saturn most likely takes its meaning from the radix where it is his career (lord 10) and therefore shows Hollande’s career under assault from Mars over which, with its exaltation and angularity it can triumph.

When the arc of the radix Part of Kings (Pisces 21.49) is cast into the Lunar Return using the same degree of arc in the radix it falls at Cancer 16.52 which conjuncts the radix lord 7, Jupiter (Cancer 17.42).  This certainly detracts from Hollande’s leadership bid.  Moreover the arc of the radix Part of Fortune (Scorpio 6.36) falls at Taurus 16.00 which conjuncts lunar Return Jupiter which is better understood from the radix where it is lord 7, the enemy.  Both these factors undermine Hollande’s bid.

The lunar Return then while clearly highlighting victory for Hollande with, for example, the Lunar Return lord 10, Venus falling on a royal star and this in turn falling on the radix Asc as well as underlining this by emphasising the beleaguered state of the enemy, nevertheless there are a number of factors that show Hollande will have to fight to secure his presidency.

Solar Lunar Return 13 April 2012; Asc Leo 13.14

Solar Lunar Return Chart

Solar Lunar Return lord 1, Sun (Aries 23.57) located in the 10th house, at only three degrees from the Solar Lunar Return MC (Aries 26.56), is the most elevated planet as well as essentially in powerful dignity (Sun exalted).  These descriptions of lord 1’s beautifully elevated status are telling testimonies to Hollande succeeding to the presidency.

Lord 1, the Sun perfects an opposition with lord 7, retrograde Saturn describing Hollande engaging in election battle with his enemy trying to win back (retrograde) his presidential post.  And while both planets are exalted and accordingly in each others fall, Saturn isultimately trumped by the appropriately powerful placement of the Sun at the top of the chart.  Hollande will be victorious.

Solar Lunar Return Asc (Leo 13.14) falls on the Solar Return Part of Kings (Leo 11.38) emphasising that during this lunar return month of the election Hollande will be elected president.

Solar Lunar Return Part of Kings (Scorpio 12.33) opposes by antiscion the radix Sun (Leo 18.43).  The regal Sun, in powerful essential dignity is an appropriate highlight for describing a president.  And once again it is the highlighting of the Sun that is important, and especially by the Part of Kings; the opposition itself is secondary.  Again this seems suggestive of some frustration for Hollande in securing his election victory.

For an analysis of President Sarkozy’s chart, please see the related article: Astrologer Predicts Sarkozy will fall from office.

Dr Holland is a professional astrologer. He can be contacted via jholland591 AT


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