Prometheus movie and the Annunaki

The new Ridley Scott movie Prometheus is an interesting one for those interested in Annunaki theories. In interviews Scott has openly acknowledged that the story was heavily inspired by Erik Von Daniken’s ancient astronaut theories as per his book Chariot of the Gods.

Scott says:

there’s a writer, Erich von Däniken. One of his most famous books was called Chariots of the Gods. Everyone thinks he was out of his mind, you know… …. Things have changed so dramatically that you can start looking at the idea that all our history can be completely wrong and misguided. Because at some point someone has to put a statement down and have their own thesis, have their own theories. That was then later accepted or later is gradually dissolved and re-drawn or reworked. So now you’ve got the whole changed attitude with NASA, the church and I think even Hawking. Over the last thirty years have gone from “It’s highly unlikely that there’s anyone else in our galaxy, any other force, being in our galaxy,” to now, where they’re conceding that there are probably thousands of different lifeforms in this galaxy. And I think Hawking actually said, “Let’s hope they don’t visit.” And I think the church has conceded as well that it would not be against the word of God if we conceded that there are other lifeforms in this galaxy.

So, if you take that out, then the door is open. To me, it’s entirely logical. It’s entirely ridiculous to believe that we are the only ones here. That’s why my first thought is that for us to be sitting here right now is actually mathematically impossible without a lot of assistance. Who assisted? Who made the right decisions? Who was pushing and pulling to adjust us? That’s a fair question. Full interview here

In another interview he says:

“NASA and the Vatican agree that is almost mathematically impossible that we can be where we are today without there being a little help along the way,” Scott said. “That’s what we’re looking at (in the film), at some of Eric van Daniken’s ideas of how did we humans come about.” Full interview here

For more analysis of some of the images and themes used in the movie and how they tie in with Sumerian artifacts you can check out And on the Prometheus movie forums Annunaki interest is already growing. Take a look here.

Or to find out more about the Annunaki, read our article Who were the Annunaki?

Review of Prometheus

Well we’ve just seen the movie and it is a treat for those who are familiar with the history of the Annunaki. For those not familiar with the Annunaki back history, some of the more subtle elements of this movie might be missed so it’s worth reading up on them a bit before seeing it.  We don’t want to give spoilers but there is a lot of Annunaki back plot implied in this movie.

The story begins on the Isle of Skye in Scotland where a fictional cave painting is discovered that predates all the other (real) scenes from around the world depicting the same star map. They interpret the map as an invitation and the main premise of the movie is of this team setting off to try to get in touch with the original creators. They call them the Engineers and we don’t recall the word Annunaki being mentioned at all, (maybe once early on but will have to see it again to check). It is all about the Annunaki though, and the idea that this might not go according to plan is well worked out as a ‘new’ story.

Though we are now in far into the future in this movie, the story is equally relevant to the early sumerian texts and takes the idea behind the flood, according to the tales of Enki and Enlil, and uses elements of this story in a new way in this movie. There are some great reenacted scenes of some of the real clay tablets depicting ancient aliens from various world locations. Also there is a great recreation of what the Annunaki may have looked like, but we’re not going to say more about that in case we spoil the surprise.

The downside is that it is ultimately an action movie with plenty of regular and standard sci fi plotting – i.e. survival, contamination, mutation, battle etc. But it is all very watchable and exciting. However having to give so much room to the action, leaves less room for information and more detail and background on the Annunaki and all of the information written on the walls. David, the ships android, spent the two years traveling on Prometheus studying ancient sumerian and other languages and we feel he could have been used more to translate the inscriptions and maybe pad out the story of what this location is really about and why.  When the ‘truth’ is discovered at the end it seems to come out of nowhere and it almost felt like a scene was missing or perhaps was cut.

The plot hole for us was surrounding Elizabeth’s boyfriend. Why did he go on a drinking spree when they had made the discovery of a lifetime? And why wasn’t he in the room with Elizabeth watching every step of her genetic analysis of the body they found? It felt like they just wanted to have an excuse to get rid of him as soon as possible when he had fulfilled his function as a means to get Elizabeth pregnant with a contaminated hybrid baby.

All that said, it’s refreshing to see a movie that at long last nods a creative head to one of the most interesting stories of all the world histories (or mythologies depending on your viewpoint); a story that until now has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

There will be a sequel we would think, based on how the film ends. Lets hope that the next movie will be even braver and really look at the back story of Enlil, Enki and co and have some fun too imagining what they may be up to now, or at least in the future now of the characters in Prometheus.

Very watchable, with a great cast and exciting action too!

Did you see it yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts…


Some other hints of Annunaki mythology in the popular media


The aliens in discontinued (but excellent!) TV series The Event,  look like us but age differently. They are already at war with each other. Sofia like Enki is pro humanity and doesn’t want them injured. Thomas like Enlil isn’t too bothered about what happens to the human population. Sound familiar?

V meanwhile is going with the reptilian agenda.  The reptilian idea may come from the strange appearance of the ‘Gods’ represented in early Sumerian artifacts and the many references to serpents in numerous world mythologies. But contrary to the V aliens who are bent on using and destroying the human race for their own ends, the Annunaki chose the flood option as they couldn’t control the rebellious, fast breeding humans who were in some way too unruly for the rigid Annunaki. They didn’t stay and take over the population, rather they set about educating the population, passing on skills and various rites and then seemed to disappear.

Could the Annunaki have reptilian origins?  It would be a difficult genetic mix and the tablets are clear that the created humans were Annuna/Earth hominid  hybrids and were like enough to the Annunaki to be attractive to them and suitable breeding partners. We don’t look like the representations in the Sumerian figurines (see picture below)


But perhaps if we all originated on the same planet a reptilian and a hominid could be crossbred with very advanced genetic engineering. Could a species of dinosaur have evolved to the stage where they became intelligent space faring beings, who set off to colonize new worlds and came back for a visit? That would make cross breeding with hominids easier as we would at least be from the same evolutionary tree. It would also explain the use of bird imagery in some ancient Sumerian depictions of the Gods, as the evolved ancestor of the dinosaur on present day earth is the bird.

If this option is possible lets hope they are not like the bunch in V!

And what of the movie, The Adjustment Bureau, where a race of long living people that look like just us (but with hats on!), are overseeing our development to ensure we do not destroy ourselves or the planet. This more benevolent view credits the Annunaki with a bit more social interest than the Sumerian tablets revealed to date imply. It does flow with modern conspiracy theories, which claim that some of the Annunaki never left but are still here controlling the world behind the scenes. The conspiracies never see this in a good way. Could the Adjustment Bureau be performing a subtle perception adjustment? Now there’s a new conspiracy theory in the making!

And in books, the Tilly Greenway & the Secrets of the Ancient Keys series is, according to author Essi Tolling, a modern day conspiracy story with the Annunaki “history” very subtly at its core. Though written as a young adult fantasy,  Watchers, the first in the series, has equal appeal to adults with its rich symbolism, mystery school references, dragon mythology, modern ideas of global shadow organisations controlling governments from behind the scenes and genetic manipulation.

Tolling cryptically comments: “Sometimes fiction holds hidden truths, that stay hidden for good reason.”  He has promised us an article on his views of the Annunaki and how they figure in his stories, so stay tuned as this will appear in the coming weeks.


10 thoughts on “Prometheus movie and the Annunaki”

  1. Could have had scenes in the beginning show the Annunaki in cities and such as well as less filler action. But I suppose these days people can’t pay attention to anything of substance and need lots of flashing action..

  2. It’s all very interesting and, yes, it opens up to some intriguing questions. Prometheus gave me almost everything (in terms of visual attractiveness, special effects, performance, action sequence…) I was looking for, and then some. To be honest, I was not expecting this level of depth in philosophy nor the medley of religious allegory and mythical thesis thrown in together, a la Matrix; just, perhaps, a bit darker and more serious. However, I have noticed, many people actually wanted it to be even deeper. To the point that they say they are disappointed. I’m surprised, to say the least, at such reactions, although I am inclined to respect them. However, in my opinion, they forgot, it seems, that this is a Sci-fi/horror movie, handsomely intended to entertain and, obviously, to stir a thought or two. It is NOT intended to enlighten anyone or to reveal the answers to questions that have been asked for eons. To expect so much out of it is to miss the whole concept of movie-making. This art was originated as a means to amuse, a wonder of sorts. It then evolved into means to ‘open the public’s eye’ to different cultures, to understand history, or to let them in on ‘what would be coming’, if you understand what I mean. This evolution has not reached, and should not be believed to have reached or that it would, a status wherein a movie, or its director, could be perceived, or expected to become, as a supplier of absolute truths, an infallible source of sacred, life-changing information. I liked Prometheus. So much so that I felt it should have been a little longer. Not because it ought to have given us more answers, but because I wanted to be, just for another half hour, utterly involved in such great plotting/characters/imagery.

  3. There are many theories regarding the Annunaki. Eric Von Daniken, David Icke, Zacharia Stitchin, Michael Tellinger, Robert Sephyr, Lloyd Pye and David Wilcock are leading scientists, theorists, philosphers, authors that argue that mankind originated from elsewhere.

    There is an excellent youtube piece by Lloyd Pye:

    It is a little longwinded but you get the picture especially in the last 20-30 min.

    With regards to the film and how it ties into the ancient Sumerian texts the following I found explains it best:

    The engineers were not Annunakis but Igigis.

    I hope the sequels address a little more in depth about some of the questions that need answering. There will be a fresh take on the script that had a few plot holes as there will be a new writer.

  4. Our complete history is bullshit, religion,government and secret societies keep control, by the enlighten one’s? still here?, keeping the bloodline going? but enough evidence still leaves with an obvious agenda, it’s not right the behavoir of certain groups(countries) 911 etc makes no sense yet we have it happening. We need to stand up, grow up and say NO! Enough, we have no desire to live like this stop forcing it on us. The truth is what Fox,nbs,cbs etc tell the world. (It’s all bullshit)

  5. The movie was fantastic all the way up until the Dr. had the baby. A squid?! Really??? And what scientist would take his/her mask off just because the atmosphere is breathable? They certainly would realize they might be carrying something that would contaminate the new environment they are visiting. Also, why is it that every time an alien gets cut acid shoots out? Dumb. From the point of the squid birth to the end the movie was absolutely a disaster. The special effects were better than most other alien type movies, but they can’t get the plot right. Also, the exact DNA match was dumb. If there was a match, the scientists should have noted that much of our DNA has been turned-off. Why was this done? Etc…One day someone will get it right. But until then, I stand disappointed.

  6. The pins they wear on their uniform in the movie (with the wings) look just like the sumerian representation of the Annunaki.Zacharia Sitchins 12th Planet covers this in grave detail. Hes not entirely credible, at all. But it is a great read if youre interested in the Annunaki, sumerians, Egyptians, or any sort of mythology/ancient religions.

    1. since you brought up sitchen, im curious on your opinion on his work and research, I have all but one of the books he has written. There is some controversy about his work, im wondering why that is?

      1. Ive read only the first of his Earth Chronicles books, and Im working on the second now, so my opinion is somewhat premature. But I take what he says as interpretation, and from what ive read of the controversies about his interpretation, he was a trained economist, not a linguist, and could have made everything up. That is what people say, and while I do agree that it seems odd for an economist to spend 30 years doing research on Sumerian Cunieform, its also not implausible he pursued economics for capital and Sumerian/Hebrew studies for personal investment. I believe he says at some point in his literature that he was raised in the church and was fascinated as a young child because when he took the Bible literally, flying chariots, trails of fire, etc, it sounded like “ancient astronauts.” If he truly believed his translations were correct, and placed alongside the Bible which he believed confirmed those truths, then his research is as credible to me as any other authors is. History books print incorrect, distorted, and misleading information all the time. Imo, Sitchin is a credible author, that doesnt mean hes correct (or incorrect).

        Does the series end as good as it starts? Which book havent you read?

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