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Plants talk to eachother…


Scientists Confirm that Plants Talk and Listen To Each Other, Communication Crucial for Survival

When a South African botanist Lyall Watson claimed in 1973 that plants had emotions that could be recorded on a lie detector test, he was dismissed by many in the scientific community.



By Christine Hsu | Jun 11, 2012 02:21 PM EDT

When a South African botanist Lyall Watson claimed in 1973 that plants had emotions that could be recorded on a lie detector test, he was dismissed by many in the scientific community.

However, new research, published in the  journal Trends in Plant Science, has revealed that plants not only respond to sound, but they also communicate to each other by making “clicking” sounds.

Using powerful loudspeakers, researchers at The University of Western Australia were able to hear clicking sounds coming from the roots of corn saplings.

Researchers at Bristol University also found that when they suspended the young roots in water and played a continuous noise at 220Hz, a similar frequency to the plant clicks, they found that the plants grew towards the source of the sound.

“Everyone knows that plants react to light, and scientists also know that plants use volatile chemicals to communicate with each other, for instance, when danger – such as a herbivore – approaches,” Dr. Gagliano said in a university news release.

“I was working one day in my herb garden and started to wonder if maybe plants were also sensitive to sounds – why not? – so I decided as a scientist to find out.”

While it has been long known that plants grow towards light, previous research from Exeter University found cabbage plants emitted methyl jasmonate gas when their surfaces are cut or pierced to warn its neighbors of danger such as caterpillars or garden shears.

Researchers from the earlier study also found that the when the volatile gas was emitted, the nearly cabbage plants appeared to receive the urgent message that and protected themselves by producing toxic chemicals on their leaves to fend off predators like caterpillars.

However, new research, published in the journal Trends in Plant Science, has revealed that plants not only respond to sound, but they also communicate to each other by making “clicking” sounds.

Scientists suspect that sound and vibration may play an essential role in the survival of plants by giving them information about the environment around them.

Researchers said sounds waves are easily transmissible through soil, and could be used to pick up threats like drought from their neighbors further away.

Gagliano said that the latest findings shows that the role of sound in plants has yet to be fully explored, “leaving serious gaps our current understanding of the sensory and communicatory complexity of these organisms”.

In addition to other forms of sensory response, “it is very likely that some form of sensitivity to sound and vibrations also plays an important role in the life of plants,” she added.


Where the internet lives…

Google opens its doors to provide a fascinating glimpse into the inner workings of the internet.

Have you ever wondered about what happens when you search on Google or when you watch a You Tube video?

The internet has become such a mainstream part of daily life that it almost seems like it exists somewhere out there in an unseen and invisible network that literally lives in the ethers.

All the internet language implies a floaty, insubstantial world of intangible information and mysterious interconnections. We see words like Google, the Cloud, information super highway, and ethernet and assume that it’s all out there somewhere, drifting around in an unseen world of its own.

But it’s not! The internet is a physical place and is located in countries such as the USA, Finland and Belgium and with more centres planned for Chile; Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

Check out Google’s new initiative to show it’s ‘Server farms’ – enormous complexes that require very physical systems to carry out its daily work; systems such as cooling towers, air vents, colourful cables and water pipes, that are housed in complexes so vast that staff are given bicycles to get around the workspace!

According to Google:

When you’re on a Google website (like right now), you’re accessing one of the most powerful server networks in the known Universe. But what does that actually look like? Here’s your chance to see inside what we’re calling the physical Internet.

The initiative called ‘Where the internet lives’ can be seen here  (  and also offers an ‘Up my street’ type virtual tour of a data centre – streetview  (

Ancient Knowledge: Sacred Geometry, Sound, Magnetics & the Universe

An interesting series of youtube videos, which propose that sound and unseen forces are what hold the universe together. We don’t know who made these, but thought they had some good information so sharing them here. According to the person who compiled them:

Solving ancient mysteries Part 1. “The Ancients” knew much more than given credit for regarding Life, The Universe, Astronomy, Advanced Mathematics, Magnetism, Healing, Unseen Forces etc.
Encoded knowledge is information that is conveyed in signs and symbols and we can find this knowledge all over the world. All these ancient sightings and geometric patterns (Sacred Geometry) symbolise unseen forces at work. We are being lied to by the media. Modern archaeologists don’t know what they’re talking about. “The Ancients” were not stupid or primitive. We just failed to de-code this knowledge conveyed in signs, symbols and ancient artwork. This kind of information is kept hidden from the public.

Scientists dont know what holds the universe together, the answer is sound and unseen forces. Matter is governed by sound frequencies. There is much more to life than we can perceive with our 5 senses. The question then becomes “who or what governs unseen forces?” What is behind the symmetry throughout nature? (Golden Ratio, Phi, Fibonacci Sequence etc.) It simply cant be just coincidence, in my opinion there is an intelligent mind / consciousness behind all this that keeps it all together.

Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the copyright act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as critisicm, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statue that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Ancient Knowledge Pt.1 Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Cymatics, Illusion of Reality

Ancient Knowledge Pt.2 Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio, Phi in Nature, DNA, Fingerprint of God

Ancient Knowledge Pt.3 Pyramids, Monuments & Megaliths, Ley Lines (Earth’s Energy Grid)

Ancient Knowledge Pt.4 The Real Secret Of How The Pyramids Were Built & Coral Castle

Ancient Knowledge Pt.4.5 Scientific & Historical Misconceptions, Suppression & Manipulation of Info

Ancient Knowledge Pt.5 – Teaser / Coral Castle, Magnetic Forces, Sacred Sciences, Anti-Gravity

For more information go to the youtube channel: The Truth shall set you free

Higgs Boson discovered…

CERN scientists discover new subatomic particle that could be Higgs boson

What is the Higgs Boson?

Why the Higgs Boson matters…

From: RTE News

Scientists at the CERN research centre have discovered a new subatomic particle that could be the elusive Higgs boson.

  • The results were announced at CERN headquarters near Geneva this morning
    The results were announced at CERN headquarters near Geneva this morning
  • British physicist Peter Higgs (right) predicted the particle in 1964
    British physicist Peter Higgs (right) predicted the particle

Scientists at the CERN research centre have discovered a new subatomic particle that could be the elusive Higgs boson.

The Higgs boson is thought to give matter mass and is believed to be crucial in the formation of the universe.

The team working at the Large Hadron Collider outside Geneva has spent years looking for evidence of the subatomic particle.

The Higgs particle is the last undiscovered piece of the Standard Model that describes the fundamental make-up of the universe.

It is a hugely successful theory but has long had several gaps, the biggest of which is why some particles have mass and others do not.

CERN Director General Rolf Heuer said: “We have reached a milestone in our understanding of nature.

“The discovery of a particle consistent with the Higgs boson opens the way to more detailed studies, requiring larger statistics, which will pin down the new particle’s properties.”

Mooted by British physicist Peter Higgs in 1964, the boson is believed to exist in an invisible, ubiquitous field created a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, 13.7bn years ago.

Bosons are non-matter particles which are force carriers, or messengers that act between matter particles.

The interaction gives rise to three fundamental forces – the strong force, the weak force and the electromagnatic force. There is a fourth force, gravity, which is suspected to be caused by a still-to-be found boson named the graviton.

When some particles encounter the Higgs boson, they slow down and acquire mass, according to theory. Others, such as particles of light – or photons – are impervious to it and have no mass.

Prof Higgs expressed joy at the latest likely discovery.

“I never expected this to happen in my lifetime and shall be asking my family to put some champagne in the fridge.”

Five sigma discovery

CERN uses a giant underground laboratory – the Large Hadron Collider – in order to search for the particle. Protons are smashed together at nearly the speed of light, yielding sub-atomic debris which is then scrutinised for signs of the fleeting Higgs.

The task is arduous because there are trillions of signals, occurring among particles at different ranges of mass.

Over the years, tens of thousands of physicists and billions of euro have been thrown into the search for the Higgs, gradually narrowing down the mass range where it might exist.

Two CERN laboratories – CMS and Atlas – worked independently of each other to avoid bias. They both found the new particle in the mass region of around 125-126 Gigaelectronvolts (GeV).

The teams said that the results were “five sigma,” meaning there was just a 0.00006% chance that what the two laboratories found is a mathematical quirk.

“The results are preliminary but the five sigma signal at around 125 GeV we’re seeing is dramatic,” said Joe Incandela, spokesman for one of the two experiments.

“This is indeed a new particle. We know it must be a boson and it’s the heaviest boson ever found. The implications are very significant and it is precisely for this reason that we must be extremely diligent in all of our studies and cross-checks.”

More on Gobekli Tepe

This extract is from an article in Archaeology, A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America  Abstract Volume 61 Number 6, November/December 2008 by Sandra Scham ARCHAEOLOGY’s Washington, D.C., correspondent and a fellow at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

[image] It is likely the megaliths at the Neolithic site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey once supported roofs. Archaeologists have found floors constructed of burnt lime and clay within the stone circles–the earliest such floors ever discovered. (Haldun Aydingün)

Göbekli Tepe’s circles range from 30 to 100 feet in diameter and are surrounded by rectangular stone walls about six feet high. Many of the pillars are carved with elaborate animal figure reliefs. In addition to bulls, foxes, and cranes, representations of lions, ducks, scorpions, ants, spiders, and snakes appear on the pillars. Freestanding sculptures depicting the animals have also been found within the circles. During the most recent excavation season, archaeologists uncovered a statue of a human and sculptures of a vulture’s head and a boar.

As we walk around the recently excavated pillars, the site seems at once familiar and exotic. I have seen stone circles before, but none like these.

[image] [image] [image]
Left to right: T-shaped pillars at Göbekli Tepe depict two boars accompanied by ostrich-like birds, a crocodile-like creature, and vultures flying above a scorpion. (Haldun Aydingün)

Excavations have revealed that Göbekli Tepe was constructed in two stages. The oldest structures belong to what archaeologists call the early Pre-Pottery Neolithic A period, which ended around 9000 B.C. Strangely enough, the later remains, which date to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic B period, or about 8000 B.C., are less elaborate. The earliest levels contain most of the T-shaped pillars and animal sculptures.

Archaeologist Klaus Schmidt downplays extravagant spiritual interpretations of Göbekli Tepe, such as the idea, made popular in the press, that the site is the inspiration for the Biblical Garden of Eden. But he does agree that it was a sanctuary of profound significance in the Neolithic world. He sees it as a key site in understanding the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture, and from tribal to regional religion.

Schmidt and his colleagues estimate that at least 500 people were required to hew the 10- to 50-ton stone pillars from local quarries, move them from as far as a quarter-mile away, and erect them. How did Stone Age people achieve the level of organization necessary to do this? Hauptmann speculates that an elite class of religious leaders supervised the work and later controlled the rituals that took place at the site. If so, this would be the oldest known evidence for a priestly caste–much earlier than when social distinctions became evident at other Near Eastern sites.

Read more on the Archaeology website here.

Another interesting viewpoint is presented by Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project. He writes:

In 1994, a shepherd in Turkey discovered what may be one of the most important archeological sites to confirm the hypothesis of historic events in humanity’s evolution presented in the DVD set, “Crossing the Event Horizon.” There I discuss the concept that an advanced civilization was present on our planet prior to our written history and described in many different cultures as the Sun Gods coming from the stars, of which other evidence is found as well on previous posts in this blog. What this Turkish Bedouin found, and that was later excavated and investigated by a German archaeologist, Klaus Schmidt, is an 11,000 to 13,000 year-old elaborate structure from which only the supporting pillars remain. This makes the Gobekli Tepe site the oldest organized structured site ever discovered, pre-dating Stonehenge by approximately 6,000 years. It is important to understand that these dates refer to the end of the Stone Age period, where humans were barely out of caves and still only achieved very rudimentary tools and capacities. This period is commonly referred to as well as the hunter-gatherer period. Yet, this site shows a high level of sophistication complete with a floor and stone pillars, an average of 7-10 tons each and in some cases up to 50 tons, which have been moved from a local quarry at least ¼ mile away. Further, these remaining pillars, which only a few have been uncovered to date, are dressed with very intricate etchings and carvings including obvious written symbolic language which has yet to be deciphered and which predates the archeological model of the first writing by thousands of years.

Archeologists, in a rare occurrence of agreement, seem to all concur that the site is of great importance. However, there are many disagreements on how it came to be. Some try to associate the monuments with the hunter-gatherer population that seems to have been present at the time. Others attempt to rewrite archeological theories and hypothesize that humans settled in sedentary community structures much earlier than previously believed. In both cases, archeologists agree that it would have taken hundreds and hundreds of workers to accomplish such a task, and it is clear to me that the complexity, the technological means to move such large stones and the sophistication necessary to do the job was certainly not there in the human communities at the time, whether or not they were hunters or gatherers, or farmers. Furthermore, interestingly, this site is in the appropriate geographic region to be associated with what is described in the Judeo-Christian tradition as the Garden of Eden. From my research point of view, the Garden of Eden as described in the texts of the Bible is one of many traditions’ description of this early advanced civilization that seemed to have left its mark in our evolution all around the world in various structures and manuscripts, from the Egyptian tradition and Vedic texts to Mayan and Inca codices. I am excited about this archeological site and I look forward to further discoveries, as most of the monuments still lie under the sand, and maybe tombs will be found furthering our understanding of this evolution.

To read more about Nassim and his work visit his site at

Hidden History of the Human Race

Here’s an interesting presentation by Klaus Dona. Dona is an artefact researcher from Austria. Though initially involved in mainstream research, during the course of his work, he came across archaeological findings that were hard to explain and this led him to put together an exhibition of little known and under reported inexplicable objects.

The slide show here from a Project Camelot interview is very interesting as it shows that many of the objects have an extra layer that we can’t see, namely they light up under a blacklight, meaning that they were created with materials which emit UV light. This is extremely interesting as it implies that the creators of such works must have had a capacity to see in the UV spectrum or else why create pieces which shine in such wavelengths?

Birds and many insects see in the UV spectrum, so this ability is not unusual. It just that it is not particularly common to modern day humans. As most of these items come from a time period of approx 10,000 years ago, they shed a very different light (no pun intended!) on who might have been living on Earth at that time.


For more on Klaus Dona:  and

THE SCIENCE OF REMOTE VIEWING: Essi Tolling interviews Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Director of The Farsight Institute

Guest writer, Essi Tolling, interviews an expert in Remote Viewing, Dr Courtney Brown, so that he can explain the latest advances in Remote Viewing practices and discuss why the breakthroughs in Remote Viewing are significant to our progress on the planet.

Dr Courtney Brown heads up The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational organization dedicated to understanding the remote-viewing phenomenon itself through the process of scientific experimentation.

Remote-viewing procedures were originally developed in laboratories funded by the United States military and intelligence services and used for espionage purposes.

The scientific understanding of the remote-viewing phenomenon has greatly advanced over the past 15 years, and much of the research done at The Farsight Institute blends the theory of quantum mechanics with interpretations of experimental remote-viewing data. This has lead to new insights into the nature of time and physical reality.

For example, new research indicates that alternate futures actually do exist, and that the past exists simultaneously with the present. Dr Brown will elaborate further on these concepts in this interview.

In 2008 The Farsight Institute conducted a study on 2012 to look at climate and planetary change between the years 2008 and 2013. The initial results appear dramatic on a global scale, and their research does indeed suggest that major global change is a possibility between now and 2013. An overview of this study can be found at the end of this article and the full report here.

Essi Tolling: How does Remote Viewing actually work?

Dr Courtney Brown: Remote viewing is a mental ability to accurately perceive a place or event at any point in time or space. Normally only highly trained individuals can do this consistently and well. Also, experiments using remote viewing need to be exceptionally well designed in order to work well.

Among those people who are aware of the remote-viewing phenomenon, its reality is not in doubt. This excludes a lot of mainstream scientists, but that is a generational lag problem. They will eventually be replaced by younger scientists who are not so resistant to these new ideas.

As for how remote viewing actually works, the more interesting question is how the physical world actually works. That is, we understand the remote-viewing phenomenon more than we understand the macro world of daily living.

Remote viewing is a natural consequence of superposition formation on the quantum level. That means that everything in the universe is based on a set of frequencies. There is no such thing as solid matter. Physicists have never found a solid, billiard ball type of solid thing. Everything just gets broken down into smaller things, and those smaller things are just frequencies of energy, waves. What happens is that a bunch of waves come together, and when they do, they form a superposition, which is a different type of wave thing.

Imagine a snake that has eaten a rat, and there is a bulge in the snake. Well, that bulge is like a superposition on the quantum level. That is a particle. So a particle is just a bunch of waves that are grouped together to form a superposition.

Well, you and I are vast and complex superposition ensembles. So it is rather easy to see how the quantum world builds up into physical things. But it is much harder to figure out why all of these physical things look so solid when in fact they are not.

Remote viewing works on the principle of observing superposition ensembles. Since superposition ensembles are simply collections of frequencies, they have their own harmonics. On the quantum level, nothing actually manifests unless it is observed, and this requires that the observer match the superposition’s frequency harmonics in order to see it. Otherwise the superposition is out of phase or invisible to the observer.

A short overview on Superposition from What the bleep

So remote viewing works by having the remote viewer “tune” his or her mind to a set of frequencies that constitute the superposition signature of the target, where the target is the thing that the remote viewer is supposed to perceive. This is done quite naturally, but to do it well requires extensive training and a proper experimental design.

Essi Tolling: The idea of multiple universes and multiple timelines sounds very far fetched. Does this have any basis in current scientific thinking?

Dr Courtney Brown: Yes. If everything in the universe is based on frequencies and not solid matter, then multiple universes could coexist and not bump into one another. Each one would be out of phase from the others.

This is the same principle behind why a radio station does not bump into another radio station as long as they use different frequencies. They are still transmitting through the same space and being picked up by the same radio, but they are separate.

A remote viewer is sort of like a radio, in that the viewer is tuning into a set of frequencies that define a target. Once the frequencies are the same — the target’s and those in the mind of the viewer — then the viewer’s perceiving mind is literally with the target, and observation becomes possible.

This is also why we can remote view the past and the future. We don’t normally see the past, since it is in the past, but we can remote view it. Thus, the past still exists or we could not perceive it when remote viewing. But we do not physically bump into the past, obviously. The past is out of phase from the present, as is the future.

This also explains why there can be multiple futures branching out of the “now,” and even multiple pasts. This is how you get multiple timelines, and we can have a past in which all the major wars of the 20th Century did not happen, and a past in which World War II ended with nuclear destruction.

All possible pasts and all possible futures can happen and not bump into one another. Obviously most mainstream scientists are yet to connect the dots between the quantum world and the macro world, and most scientists simply posit that there are two separate sets of rules for each, with a line of decoherence that separates the two worlds. But this is obviously unsupportable in the end. The entire macro world is based on the quantum world, so the idea that you can have two sets of rules for each that are separated by an intellectual line that is posited without explanation will have to fall.

Again, we will have to wait until most mainstream scientists are replaced by a younger generation of more flexible thinkers before this is taught in schools. Meanwhile, there is no reason for the truly intellectually curious not to put two and two together.

A short overview on Parallel Universes  from BBC Horizon

Essi Tolling: The 2012 Climate Project produced very interesting results. The initial study allowed for two timelines but of course there are an infinite number. Thus what you are proposing is that something does happen in 2012, but how it will affect us seems to depend entirely on the collective mindset of the global populations. Do you feel there has been any change since 2008 when the study was conducted that is not necessarily in either of the timelines studied but which could now lead to a softer landing?

Dr Courtney Brown: Since there is the possibility of an infinite number of futures, each one of which is equally real, then the real question in terms of prediction focuses on the spatial width of future events.

Inconsequential future events, such as what color shirt one wears, have narrow spatial widths. Very few timelines are affected by those events, so predicting those events is very difficult.

But more significant events have larger spatial widths that affect a great many timelines. Predicting those events is easier. It is like aiming a gun at a distant leaf versus the side of a barn. The leaf is harder to hit than the barn. Current thinking is that whatever happens after 2012 is more like the barn than the leaf. It has a huge spatial width that affects a large swath of probable futures.

Nothing has changed between 2008 and now that causes me to think that we might miss the post-2012 barn. The major governments and the well-connected wealthy seem to be pulling out all the stops to prepare for the post-2012 world, so all that money and preparation seems to be telling.

Essi Tolling: In timeline 2 the criteria for change are that people come to accept:  (1) the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, and (2) the existence of life not originating from Earth. Why do you think these beliefs would change the timeline?

Dr Courtney Brown: If mainstream science acknowledged that remote viewing is real and that extraterrestrial life is real, then there would be an immediate revolution in thought on this planet.

This revolution in thought would change how people viewed the post-2012 experience, and how they act cooperatively. I don’t think the causative events of the post-2012 world will change, but people’s response to those events would certainly change. This would have a huge impact on the evolution of our world, an impact that would be very much for the better.

Right now, the powers-that-be in the Western world are hunkering down, trying to ensure their own future while expecting the masses to suffer whatever happens. That is why they are pulling all of the money out of the Western economies. They know a collapse of the global economies is coming. Even mainstream economists can see this happening.

China and Russia are acting differently, of course. Both countries have historically placed a high value on protecting the bulk of their populations, not the wealth of the elite. They see their future national well being in terms of the survival of their populations.

For example, Russia is building 5,000 new nuclear bomb shelters in Moscow alone in a crash program that is to be finished this year. Now, they have no nuclear enemies, so you may wonder why they are doing this with a crash program. They have also built their subway system much deeper than required so that it also can serve as a sheltering system. China is similarly using a crash program in subway construction to serve as a protection network underneath all of its major cities. China’s program is also supposed to be mostly finished this year, and it involves up to 200 miles per year of subways under each of its major cities. This far outweighs any transportation needs that are required in the near future for China.

We cannot do that in the U.S. For example, New York City has spent huge sums and taken many years in order to try to build a one-mile extension of their subway system.

There are intractable land use and taxpayer issues in the U.S. The Western elites use this as the excuse to rationalize their policies, which is why they have built all of our sheltering systems in the inhospitable areas of the southwest and northwest as well as in the Svalbard Islands of Norway, places where the masses have no easy access.

The Svalbard Islands is also where the Global Seed Vault is located, which as you know is a nuclear bomb proof facility that is just now being fully stocked and sealed. No one is expecting a nuclear bomb attack, obviously. But if there was a widespread recognition of the reality of remote viewing and extraterrestrial life, then this house of cards would collapse early, and the elites fear they would prematurely lose control over the masses.

They are obviously expecting to lose control anyway, which explains their economic behaviors. They just don’t want to lose control too soon.

Essi Tolling: Do you have reasons to believe in the existence of life not originating from Earth?  And if so could you elaborate on this?

Dr Courtney Brown: Yes. This is obvious to anyone with a flexible mind. I have written about this extensively in some of my books. But the information regarding this is so tightly controlled by the elite in government and business, it is almost useless for me to talk more about it now.

The primary mechanism of control is ridicule, and both the scientific and popular masses are kept under control through fear of being ridiculed. You have no idea how strong the pressure of fear can be until you know what is real and see how blind the masses keep themselves.

Don’t blame it on the elites. It is a two-way street. The masses agree to their own repression. But the masses are changing with time, and we are approaching a critical mass in which the old mechanisms of control will not work.

This is when humanity shifts from being a species with a negative orientation to one with a more positive orientation. That is the time period in which we live, the time of the shift. It is a very exciting time to be alive!

Essi Tolling: Is there any demonstration planned with a more immediate outcome which could help people to see more clearly that Remote Viewing works?

Dr Courtney Brown: Yes. I have an independent remote-viewing project that will be published in February and there is another project that will come out in the next few months also, and that is equally startling, but I am not yet at liberty to talk about that one. Trust me; you will hear about it!

Essi Tolling: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Dr Courtney Brown: Stay tuned! More is on the way!!

Essi Tolling: Thank you Courtney for taking the time to do this interview.

Dr Courtney Brown, Ph.D., is Director of The Farsight Institute, a nonprofit research and educational institution dedicated to the study of a phenomenon known as “remote viewing.”

Essi Tolling is the author of Watchers, Book One in the Tilly Greenway and the Secrets of the Ancient Keys epic fantasy series.


The 2008-2013 Climate Change Study

For the purposes of this study viewers were tasked to look at two timelines:

Timeline A: 1 June 2013, 12 noon target local time, following the timeline in which the leadership of the mainstream global scientific establishment continues to ignore or deny (1) the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, and (2) the existence of life not originating from Earth.

Timeline B: 1 June 2013, 12 noon target local time, following the timeline in which by the end of 2009 leaders of the mainstream global scientific establishment publicly recognize (1) the reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon, and (2) the existence of life not originating from Earth.

The viewers focused on nine geographical locations with a global spread. The locations were:

•  Vaitupu, Tuvalu,
•  Fort Jesus, Mombasa Kenya,
•  Sydney Opera House, Sydney,  Australia,
•  Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania,
•  United States Congress Building, Washington, D.C.,
• Malé International Airport, Maldives,
•  KITV Building, Honolulu, Hawaii,
•  Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida,
•  Key West, Florida

Initial findings suggest  the following types of physical changes across many of the above geographical
locations by mid-2013:

• Impacts from what appear to be large meteors leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism
• Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas
• Excessive solar radiation
• Storms and other severe weather

In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest:

• Massive self-organized relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
• The breakdown of rescue or other notable governmental functioning
• The breakdown of the food supply system
• The breakdown of the vehicular transport system
• Extensive loss of buildings near coasts

However there was a difference in results between the two timelines. The data suggested that the impact of planetary change is less severe for Timeline B as compared with Timeline A. This suggests that having the mainstream scientific community openly acknowledge the reality of remote viewing and life (even microbial) not originating on Earth may help ameliorate the impact of severe planetary change, perhaps by giving people a greater chance to prepare for the changes.

Anunnaki and the Bible – Unexpected links…

Much of what Mauro Biglino says, correlates with what we have already discovered from our own reading of the Bible and comparisons with Sumerian text. However we cannot stand over what Biglino says as we are not Hebrew scholars so we have to take his word for what he is saying.

All we can do here is present what he is saying and it’s up to you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions. If however you have never read academic translations of the Sumerian tablets then please don’t dismiss what Biglino is suggesting as despite what you may or may not want to believe, what he is saying, is backed up by the original tablets.

Mauro Biglino translated 23 books of the Bible for the Vatican. He had to translate the Stalingrad Codex (the version of the Bible which all three major monotheistic religions – Cristian, Jewish and Muslim – recognize as the official Bible) from the Hebrew, word by word, literally and with no interpretation whatsoever. That is to say, he’s not a wannabe kabbalist, conspirationist or ufologist, since the official publishing organism of the Vatican approved and released those books, at least 17 of them. While working on the Bible, he realized that many of the stories this book tells where mistranslated, misinterpretated, mostly on purpose, in order to insert the notion of a spiritual, allmighty and unerring God. The picture he gives us of the bestseller of all times is surprisingly different from what we all were told. Actually, as soon as he released “THE BOOK THAT WILL FOREVER CHANGE OUR IDEAS ABOUT THE BIBLE – THE GODS COMING FROM SPACE”, the Vatican suspended all further publications of Mauro Biglino’s works: Let’s discover why!

2012 is here!

Well now 2012 is here what might it bring?

We’ve decided to do a round up of what many of the visionaries of our time have to say on the subject.

The famous astrologer, Jonathan Cainer, says:

We have all heard about 2012. It brings the end of the Mayan calendar and, depending on which gloom-laden website you visit, it threatens us with all kinds of trouble. Just in case you are wondering how seriously to take all of this, let me set your mind at rest. Solar flares won’t render us extinct, strange brown dwarf stars won’t tilt the Earth on its orbit, the end is not nigh and even the dreaded recession will slowly loosen its grip as the year goes by.

Jonathan will be appearing on: Radio London approx 11.30am GMT New Years Day.
Golden West Radio Tuesday Jan 3rd early afternoon – time tbc



Angel visionary Doreen Virtue spoke on 2012 in the following clip:

Another viewpoint is held by Dr Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute who believes that what may or may not happen in 2012 is dependent on where our consciousness is, as remote viewing experiments seem more and more to back the view that timelines and events can be affected positively or negatively by the global consciousness. We already reported on his views and that can be read again here.

The following clip explains Brown’s timelines/multiple universe theory a little more:

So what is true? If the remote viewing stats are to be believed perhaps all of the above! Following the multiple universe theories, all possibilities happen on different timelines. The problem with the remote viewing findings is that the thinking is so new, that it is akin to the middle ages when people first began to suggest that the earth might not be flat and that it might actually be traveling around the sun. In those days people died for posing such thoughts. However,  in today’s world of cynicism and media saturation new thinking can get lost in the crowd and unfortunately just be completely ignored.

We really can’t afford to throw out this theory without trying it out, as if this theory is right it might just change our future in a radical way.  The intention experiments run by scientists such as Dean Radin and Lynne McTaggart, demonstrate that our thoughts really have an effect on events and that in turn global events can affect our thoughts.  If we get our consciousness to the right place and begin to realise that what and how we think on a global level may affect the timelines positively or negatively then it might just encourage us to start focusing on and choosing positive scenarios.

To conclude Nassim Haremein has some very interesting theories about the path of the sun through the solar system and why 2012 is seen as significant. The link below is his summary of where believes his theories and research are leading. But to really understand the physics behind what he believe is happening on a galactic level from 2012 onwards it is worth watching his whole presentation which begins with this link. Crossing the Event Horizon

Maybe 2012 can be the year when we start to accept that we have the ability to change our reality for the better by changing our thoughts and attitudes and imagining a whole new way forward?

Pavan Sukhdev: Put a value on nature!

Every day, we use materials from the earth without thinking, for free. But what if we had to pay for their true value: would it make us more careful about what we use and what we waste? Think of Pavan Sukhdev as nature’s banker — assessing the value of the Earth’s assets. Eye-opening charts will make you think differently about the cost of air, water, trees …

Pavan Sukhdev
A banker by training, Pavan Sukhdev runs the numbers on greening up — showing that green economies are an effective engine for creating jobs and creating wealth.

Source: TED Talks