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2012: A Global Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study Multiple Realities, Timelines, and Events

The Farsight Institute researches the phenomenon of remote viewing.

According to the Institute:

“Remote viewing is a tool that we use to explore questions relating to consciousness and existence. Contributing to the science of consciousness through investigations into the remote-viewing phenomenon is the primary goal for our path of service.

The Western scientific paradigm postulates that consciousness is a phenomenon strictly related to brain physiology. This belief has dominated society, and it has inhibited scientific investigation into the nature of consciousness that can exist outside of or independently from the physical brain. The consequences have been devastating to life. Because material creation is the bottom line in this world view, the drive to acquire material comforts has overshadowed the more fundamental aspects of existence. We have stopped viewing ourselves as being connected to all humans, to all of life, and to all of creation. Resulting greed has brought us the possibility of widespread destruction of life.

We at The Farsight Institute seek to overturn this flawed paradigm before it is too late. Research at The Farsight Institute demonstrates that consciousness is more than a by-product of the physical human nervous system. Solid evidence demonstrates that consciousness fundamentally transcends the linear evolution of time and the relativistic limitations of space. Consciousness appears to be intrinsic to — and permeates all of — physical creation. In essence, our physical nervous system appears to act as a tuning device that connects us to an underlying field of nature through which knowledge of all things is possible.

At The Farsight Institute, we are dedicated to the practical and benevolent investigation and use of remote viewing, to solve scientific problems that are otherwise intractable, and to ask questions that are new and challenging. Doing this is integral to our educational goal of transforming how people think of themselves and their world, and it is consistent with our own personal pursuit of growth in consciousness.

Using the controls of modern science, we seek to help humanity discern that which is real in the context of a universe filled with mystery. We hope that this path of service will contribute to a positive and significant human destiny.

2012 Climate Change Remote-Viewing Study

The Farsight Institute are currently engaged in a fascinating study using remote viewing to study climate and planetary change between the years 2008 and 2013. The initial results appear dramatic on a global scale, and our research does indeed suggest that major global change is a possibility between now and 2013. However, web site visitors are reminded that this is research, not certitude. Remember what Albert Einstein once said, “If we knew what we were doing, it wouldn’t be called research, would it?” Web site visitors are encouraged to examine all of our results carefully, and learn with us as we complete this experiment in mid-2013. We will not fully understand these remote-viewing data until the experiment is completed at that time.

How we obtain these results is a bit complicated, but it is worth the effort to understand our methods. The actual types of global change is discussed in the second part of the video presentation below, but the first part of this presentation is absolutely essential to understand how these results were obtained. Web site visitors should watch both parts of the video presentation. This presentation was given during the 29th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration in Boulder, Colorado in June 2010.

This is the most carefully collected set of professional-grade remote-viewing data involving this time span that currently exists. This experiment is potentially one of the most significant experiments ever attempted using remote viewing as a data-collection platform.”

The clip below features Dr Courtney Brown, Director of The Farsight Institute, presenting the initial findings:


Who were the Annunaki?

As promised we’re going to have a look at the Annunaki. Any search on the internet will throw up thousands of references to the Annunaki – from pure academic analysis of actual Sumerian artifacts and culture to modern day tales of shape-shifting reptilians and bloodline  conspiracies.

Here’s a clip that gives an overview of the whole range of beliefs surrounding the Annunaki.

The theories and interpretations of Sumerian culture entered the mainstream via the works of Zecharia Sitchin who believed that the Annunaki were a race of ancient astronauts from the planet Nibiru, a planet beyond Neptune that is on a long elliptical orbit within our solar system.

There is still ongoing debate as to whether or not Sitchin’s theories are accurate. One of the foremost academic Sumerian scholars was Samuel Noah Kramer. So rather than delve into all the theories out there, let’s look at a small sample of what Kramer found when he originally translated the tablets.

The Sumerian tablets tell the story of a group of Gods who come to Earth. The Sumerian deities were known as the Anunnaki. There are various spellings of the word Annunaki, but it is generally translated as those “who from Heaven to earth came.” Kramer translates it as “the children and followers of the heaven-god An,” who are on earth (Ki).The chief God, An (or Anu) stayed in Heaven while his offspring were sent down to rule over different territories on Earth.

They introduce agriculture and farming and also bring livestock and an abundance of plants, fruit, vegetable and animal life.  They also mined for precious stones and metals and had a particular fondness for gold and lapis lazuli.

After a time the Annunaki workers became rebellious. They were sick of doing all the hard labouring and demanded assistance. After much debate two of the ruling Gods on Earth, Enki, assisted by his sister Ninmah, developed a slave species to take over the work. This species was man:

In those days, in the creation chamber of the gods,

In their house Dulkug, Lahar and Ashnan were fashioned;

The produce of Lahar and Ashnan,

The Anunnaki of the Dulkug eat, but remain unsated;

In their pure sheepfolds milk, . . ., and good things,

The Anunnaki of the Dulkug drink, but remain unsated;

For the sake of the good things in their pure sheepfolds,

Man was given breath.

When man was created there was a celebration and Enki and Ninmah got drunk and there follows a very curious story. Kramer writes:

At this feast Enki and Ninmah drink much wine and become somewhat exuberant. Thereupon Ninmah takes some of the clay which is over the abyss and fashions six different types of individuals, while Enki decrees their fate and gives them bread to eat. The character of only the last two types is intelligible; these are the barren woman and the sexless or eunuch type. The lines read:

The . . . she (Ninmah) made into a woman who cannot give birth.

Enki upon seeing the woman who cannot give birth,

Decreed her fate, destined her to be stationed in the “woman house.”

The . . . she (Ninmah) made into one who has no male organ, who has no female organ.

Enki, upon seeing him who has no male organ, who has no female organ,

To stand before the king, decreed as his fate.

After Ninmah had created these six types of man, Enki decides to do some creating of his own. The manner in which he goes about it is not clear, but whatever it is that he does, the resulting creature is a failure; it is weak and feeble in body and spirit. Enki is now anxious that Ninmah help this forlorn creature; he therefore addresses her as follows:

“Of him whom thy hand has fashioned, I have decreed the fate,

Have given him bread to eat;

Do thou decree the fate of him whom my hand has fashioned,

Do thou give him bread to eat.”

Ninmah tries to be good to the creature but to no avail. She talks to him but he fails to answer. She gives him bread to eat but he does not reach out for it. He can neither sit nor stand, nor bend the knees. A long conversation between Enki and Ninmah then follows, but the tablets are so badly broken at this point that it is impossible to make out the sense of the contents. Finally Ninmah seems to utter a curse against Enki because of the sick, lifeless creature which he produced, a curse which Enki seems to accept as his due.


Enki grows fond of his human creation and, in time, helps it to breed. What seems to happen then is that man breeds very rapidly and begins to cause some sort of problem. Added to that some of the Annunaki marry human females. An (still in Heaven) is not happy, nor is Enlil, Enki’s brother, and so it is decided to wipe out man in a flood. Enki tips off his favourite human, Ziusudra, tells him to build a large boat and gives him very precise technical details of how and where he is to construct this boat.

And so we come the story of Ziusudra, who sounds exactly like Noah.  However, Summerian history/mythology predates all known literatures by more than a millennium.  According to Kramer:

“The ancient literatures which have exercised the most profound influence on the more spiritual aspects of our civilization…the Bible, which contains the literary creations of the Hebrews; the Iliad and Odyssey, which are filled with the epic and mythic lore of the Greeks; the Rig-veda, which contains the literary products of ancient India; and the Avesta, which contains those of ancient Iran. None of these literary collections were written down in their present form before the first half of the first millennium B.C. Our Sumerian literature, inscribed on tablets dating from approximately 2000 B. C., therefore antedates these literatures by more than a millennium. Moreover, there is another vital difference. The texts of the Bible, of the Iliad and Odyssey, and of the Rig-veda and Avesta, as we have them, have been modified, edited, and redacted by compilers and redactors with varied motives and diverse points of view. Not so our Sumerian literature; it has come down to us as actually inscribed by the ancient scribes of four thousand years ago, unmodified and uncodified by later compilers and commentators.

From Sumerian Mythology  By Samuel Noah Kramer

The Annunaki showed themselves to be accomplished scientists, engineers, architects, mathematicians and astronomers.  But in many ways they also sound quite like us! They squabbled a lot and seemed to have constant power struggles and battles with each other.

Interestingly in other ways they seem less than us. We share many of their negative traits, but there is little evidence in the tablets that they share our positive qualities. There isn’t much evidence in the translations of deep emotion, spirituality or high consciousness.

Of course we only have a small record to go on. Rumours abound that many more tablets were found during the recent war in Iraq, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.

Whether you want to see the Sumerian tablets as mythological creation stories or as historical accounts, there is still something profound for us to learn from them.

If the stories are true, then we all have a little Annunaki in our genes. If we are hybrid creations, then perhaps that explains our dual nature. Our tendency to make war, to destroy, to lust for power, to use the planet to our own ends, without thought for the consequences is then a part of who we are.  If we understand that and see that it never actually got our ‘relations’ anywhere then maybe we can learn to embrace and tone down that aspect of our psyche.

After all, we somehow not only out developed the Annunaki, we impressed them enough to lead them to fight with each other to save us. Perhaps our human side, with its capacity for high consciousness, deep empathy and deep connection to spirituality was the part they admired but couldn’t control? It is the best of us and the part of our nature we must nurture and develop if we are to protect our planet and survive as a truly intelligent species.

Stay tuned and we will update whenever more information becomes available.

The Annunaki: The real stars of The Event,V and The Adjustment Bureau?

TV land and the cinema are filled right now with stories of alien invasion and master controlling races.

In V, a reptilian based life form with an overlay outer body of human skin arrives in giant spaceship and parks over 28 cities around the world. They say they come in peace – always – but their real agenda is to complete a hybrid breeding programme using human DNA to strengthen their own. Their motives towards the human race are obviously not good or else they would have politely asked for help and for a little bit of DNA.  It would seem that they are endangered because they are not breeding themselves for some reason still unknown. The implied story from where I see it right now is that as soon as they have what they need they will bring in the fleet of cloaked ships hovering around earth and forcibly use earth females to breed with their menfolk, eventually taking over the planet by out populating the indigenous human species.

The Event meanwhile focuses on a mysterious group of aliens who look just like humans but do not age like humans do. They crash on earth and the injured are captured by the US army and placed in a purpose built holding facility in Alaska. What the government don’t realize is that all those uninjured in the crash escaped and are now living freely in the population but with what motive? The leader Sofia is a mysterious character and seems to not want to hurt the human population in any way. There was a brief mention that all may not be well on their own planet but this group do seem to follow a Star Trekian prime directive of sorts  – ie to not interfere with or cause harm to the indigenous population. However her son has turned and now seems to be following his own agenda which may be bad for the human population.  The last series ended with him launching a satellite which seemed to be sending a signal out to space. The new series began this Monday March 7th with the information that the signal has been decoded and said;“Preparations are being made for your arrival.” This is not in line with Sophia’s agenda and, according to one of the aliens, Maya, will be disastrous for humanity.

Meanwhile the very compelling and gripping movie The Adjustment Bureau, sees a group of master controllers, who are charged to oversee the life paths of every human, explain that true free will had to be taken from humanity as all the evidence shows that humanity is as yet not able to deal with the kind of responsibility necessary for the good of planet Earth.

So what do V, The Event and The Adjustment Bureau have in common? The Annunaki it would seem….

Tune in tomorrow and we’ll have a look at the Annunaki! In the mean time here’s a clip from The Adjustment Bureau…