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Georgia Guidestones – Update

Following the addition and subsequent removal of a block inscribed with 20, 14 16, 8, MM and JAM, here is an update on what people are thinking.

First a commentary by Vigilant Citizen

And an analysis in the clips below:

The removal of the stone:

Analysis part 1

Analysis part 2

All very mysterious…what do you think?

Original Article:

On March 22, 1980, an unusual monument was erected in Elbert County, Georgia, USA by a group of Americans who wished to remain anonymous.

The monument is huge and is engraved with ten guidelines in eight different languages – namely, English, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Swahili and Spanish. The ten guidelines are as follows:

  1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
  2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.
  3. Unite humanity with a living new language.
  4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.
  5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
  6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
  7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
  8. Balance personal rights with social duties.
  9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.
  10. Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature.

The wikipedia information on the Guidestones gives a good overview on the history and background of this monument.  While a recent article on provides a wealth of new information on the thinking of those who erected this monument, based on the guide notes they left as part of the guidebook to the site, The Georgia Guidestone Guidebook.

We flagged this one as it’s always interesting to come across a modern day mystery. And their ten “commandments” certainly spark debate as the principles have a logical rationale, but who should implement such rules and how? That is the question…

So check out what has to say, as really he covers all there is to be known about this monument to date.


People of the Story

For some people life is a poem, for others it’s a song, and there are those for whom it’s a tragedy, or a black comedy or a giant, epic fantasy! Regardless of what way the story unfolds, the one guarantee is that a story is being written, one breath at a time.

We are ultimately the people of the story.

We have a constant need for stories. We like stories about the world around us (the “News”). As we  grow up our stories evolve from picture books, cartoons and comics to full blown movies, novels and TV soaps.  Such is our appetite for a story we don’t seem to care whether the story is real or not and more and more we give equal weight to stories about celebrities and to Reality TV show stories featuring ordinary people.

If an alien civilization somewhere out there happened upon earth and began to observe us, they would probably say that this is a world of stories. To them, we might appear to be a young species of some kind who sit mesmerized as a giant story telling machine weaves its spell and enthralls us in its neverending supply of stories.

A story is of course a great learning tool, as long as you are aware that it is a story. It’s when we are in the story and forget that it is a story that problems arise. We begin to believe the story that we are being told and that we are telling ourselves. We forget that as creative beings we have the power to co-create the story and to change its direction. Worst of all, we can become so entrenched in a version of a story that we fight anyone who is equally entrenched in another version.  And so we have wars and conspiracies, financial meltdowns and power games.

More importantly, in the forgetting that it is all a story in the first place we can be manipulated by those who control the mass story telling machines. As the media industries of news, film and music become more and more amalgamated into large corporations they have the power to pump out a stories that can influence what we believe.

Right now we have a music industry that has become overwhelmingly mass produced, one dimensional and more like a giant porn and freak show. It is no surprise that the children incessantly being fed this one storyline are becoming confused, unhappy and angry. And the adults fare no better as the mass media is feeding us on a diet of war, fear and insecurity amidst channels full of largely meaningless programming.

But we have choice. We do not have to choose these stories. We have to move from our hypnotic trance and see that healing ourselves and the planet can start from little steps. One step is to wise up to the story we are being fed and start creating our own. Parents have a responsibility to watch what stories are being pushed on their children and to steer them to more creative and positive ways of seeing the world.

I feel very strongly about this as I see that the root cause of much of the dis-ease that my clients are now presenting with is stemming from a belief that it’s all hopeless and awful out there because that is the story they are seeing every day.

Yes we are the people of the story. The story has shaped us since we first started to create pictures on the walls of caves. But in truth there are only two operating systems from which everything springs – love or fear. We must start rewriting the story and co-creating the stories of love. We must give attention to the stories that feed and nourish our souls, to the stories that inspire, teach and help us progress.

The other system, the one of fear has no place in our world. However, as long as we give attention and belief to the story machine of fear then we make it real. We give it power and then bring into reality all the things we absolutely don’t want to experience.

If we just become a little more conscious about where we place our attention, we can wake up from the hypnosis and actively imagine a new way forward. Small steps and little choices can help us and those around us to unhook from the drip fed stories of fear. These are ways we can heal and grow.

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 Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
(Robert Frost from The Road not Taken)


Astrologically Speaking: Michael D Higgins the next Irish President…

by Dr Donal Holland


As there are no times of births available for each of the candidates in the Irish Presidential election, the astrologer here explains that he will use a noon chart as it may just give enough information to make a prediction.

As Michael D Higgins Solar Lunar Return is in exact conjunction with the sun, and the moon represents the self – i.e. Michael D in this case; it is a very good indication that the person who has this chart will be entering a public position.  A look at the noon charts of the other candidates finds them without any strong indicators of success. The astrologer does emphasise however that, without an exact birth time chart, he cannot say 100% that none of the rival candidates possess planets in positions strong enough to beat Michael D.  So to conclude, just going on the noon chart analysis, things are looking very good for Michael D Higgins!

For the full astrological details and reasoning behind this prediction read on….

There are no times only dates of birth for each of the candidates bidding for the Irish Presidential post. Astrologers are therefore restricted in what they can do. It is just possible that with big issues, such as high public office, using a noon chart (putting the sun as near as possible to the MC) and unfolding the chart through its progressions and returns for the day of the election will be informative.

All seven candidates show reasonably strong positive and negative testimonies for their election bid. And we would be burdened with the bothersome task of weighing these favourable and unfavourable testimonies, trying to asses overall which candidate was most favoured were it not for the heavens being most helpful with Michael D Higgins’ Solar Lunar Return chart (a chart set for the Moon’s exact place in the Solar Return that occurs immediately prior to the election date).

And keeping in mind the limitations of a noon chart this Solar Lunar Return chart is aptly descriptive, rendering the positive testimonies in the rivals’ charts to describing the limelight in which they find themselves by its eloquent testimony to Michael D. Higgins being elected next Irish president.

Michael D. Higgins’ Solar Lunar Return (Scorpio 2.58) is cazimi and since the Moon as lunar return is Michael D. himself (Lunar Return Moon is an intensification of the self) as well as taking its meaning from its source, the Solar Return where it is lord 1 (Michael D. himself), it is emphatically clear that the raising up (cazimi) belongs to Michael D. Note lord 7, Jupiter perfects by mutual application its tight opposition with the Sun.

This is a serious affliction, almost equivalent to combustion for his opponents. In itself it is a clear indication that the opponents are rendered powerless. Factor in Michael D. cazimi and it is without doubt that the Jupiter/Sun opposition represents the opponents losing the presidential bid to Michael D.

For added emphasis the pre-election eclipse Asc/Dsc axis (Leo/Aquarius 25.32) falls on the antiscion of Solar Lunar Return Jupiter/Sun/Moon opposition indicating the importance of the favouring of the native (cazimi Moon) and the rejection of the opponents (Jupiter afflicted by Sun) in the election battle.

Indeed, if we take eclipse Jupiter (Taurus 4.59) as lord of the eclipse then its conjunction with Solar Lunar Return Jupiter (Taurus 5.35) highlights the opponents’ loss all the more. Note also eclipse lord 10 Venus (Gemini 26.33) falls on the Solar Lunar Return Asc (Gemini 28.06) emphasising the importance of this election for Michael D.

And because it also falls on Michael D’s Part of Kings (Gemini 28.10) it is clear Michael D is highlighted because of his imminent rise to presidency.
Fixed star Polaris (the Pole star) is on the Solar Lunar Return Asc. (Gemini 28. 06). Because this navigational fixed star is positioned almost motionless in the sky, such that all the stars in the northern hemisphere appear to revolve around it, it is a most propitious indicator of Michael D.’s bid for the position of president which itself guides the ship of state.

Fixed star cluster Acumen (Sagittarius 28) is on the Dsc (Sagittarius 28.06). Acumen is situated in the Scorpion, just above the sting and because of the Scorpion is an agent of endings (stinging Orion to death) the indication here is that the opponents are finished off and therefore fail in their bid for presidency.

To beat Michael D. Higgins a rival would have to have a relevant planet (eg. lord 1) cazimi in dignity or at least peregrine; or failing that a relevant planet about to undertake a major improvement in dignity. Moreover, the rival candidate would also have to top Michael D’s opponents being harmed by the perfecting tight opposition of his lord 7 with the Sun, plus emphasised by more than one axis (Eclipse axis falls on cazimi Moon).

A trained glance at the charts of the other candidates simply to confirm the absence of such testimonies testifies to Michael D. Higgins becoming the new occupant of Aras an Uachtarain when the incumbent, Mary McAleese, steps down, 11 November 2011


Michael D Higgins 18 April 1941, Limerick, Asc Leo 15.51
Martin McGuinness 23 May 1950, Derry, Asc Virgo 9.40
Gay Mitchell 30 December 1951, Dublin, Asc Aries 21.57
Mary Davis 6 August 1954, Swinford (Co Mayo), Asc Scorpio 1.19
Sean Gallagher 7 July 1962, Monaghan, Asc Libra 11.03
David Norris 1 July 1944, Kinshasa, Asc Libra 11.26
Rosemary Scallon 30 August 1951, London, Asc Scorpio 17.39

Pre election eclipse 1 July 2011, 8.39 GMT (Set the chart for each candidate’s location. All eclipse charts accordingly will be slightly different. For Michael D Higgins’ location the Asc is Leo 25.32).

Who were the Annunaki?

As promised we’re going to have a look at the Annunaki. Any search on the internet will throw up thousands of references to the Annunaki – from pure academic analysis of actual Sumerian artifacts and culture to modern day tales of shape-shifting reptilians and bloodline  conspiracies.

Here’s a clip that gives an overview of the whole range of beliefs surrounding the Annunaki.

The theories and interpretations of Sumerian culture entered the mainstream via the works of Zecharia Sitchin who believed that the Annunaki were a race of ancient astronauts from the planet Nibiru, a planet beyond Neptune that is on a long elliptical orbit within our solar system.

There is still ongoing debate as to whether or not Sitchin’s theories are accurate. One of the foremost academic Sumerian scholars was Samuel Noah Kramer. So rather than delve into all the theories out there, let’s look at a small sample of what Kramer found when he originally translated the tablets.

The Sumerian tablets tell the story of a group of Gods who come to Earth. The Sumerian deities were known as the Anunnaki. There are various spellings of the word Annunaki, but it is generally translated as those “who from Heaven to earth came.” Kramer translates it as “the children and followers of the heaven-god An,” who are on earth (Ki).The chief God, An (or Anu) stayed in Heaven while his offspring were sent down to rule over different territories on Earth.

They introduce agriculture and farming and also bring livestock and an abundance of plants, fruit, vegetable and animal life.  They also mined for precious stones and metals and had a particular fondness for gold and lapis lazuli.

After a time the Annunaki workers became rebellious. They were sick of doing all the hard labouring and demanded assistance. After much debate two of the ruling Gods on Earth, Enki, assisted by his sister Ninmah, developed a slave species to take over the work. This species was man:

In those days, in the creation chamber of the gods,

In their house Dulkug, Lahar and Ashnan were fashioned;

The produce of Lahar and Ashnan,

The Anunnaki of the Dulkug eat, but remain unsated;

In their pure sheepfolds milk, . . ., and good things,

The Anunnaki of the Dulkug drink, but remain unsated;

For the sake of the good things in their pure sheepfolds,

Man was given breath.

When man was created there was a celebration and Enki and Ninmah got drunk and there follows a very curious story. Kramer writes:

At this feast Enki and Ninmah drink much wine and become somewhat exuberant. Thereupon Ninmah takes some of the clay which is over the abyss and fashions six different types of individuals, while Enki decrees their fate and gives them bread to eat. The character of only the last two types is intelligible; these are the barren woman and the sexless or eunuch type. The lines read:

The . . . she (Ninmah) made into a woman who cannot give birth.

Enki upon seeing the woman who cannot give birth,

Decreed her fate, destined her to be stationed in the “woman house.”

The . . . she (Ninmah) made into one who has no male organ, who has no female organ.

Enki, upon seeing him who has no male organ, who has no female organ,

To stand before the king, decreed as his fate.

After Ninmah had created these six types of man, Enki decides to do some creating of his own. The manner in which he goes about it is not clear, but whatever it is that he does, the resulting creature is a failure; it is weak and feeble in body and spirit. Enki is now anxious that Ninmah help this forlorn creature; he therefore addresses her as follows:

“Of him whom thy hand has fashioned, I have decreed the fate,

Have given him bread to eat;

Do thou decree the fate of him whom my hand has fashioned,

Do thou give him bread to eat.”

Ninmah tries to be good to the creature but to no avail. She talks to him but he fails to answer. She gives him bread to eat but he does not reach out for it. He can neither sit nor stand, nor bend the knees. A long conversation between Enki and Ninmah then follows, but the tablets are so badly broken at this point that it is impossible to make out the sense of the contents. Finally Ninmah seems to utter a curse against Enki because of the sick, lifeless creature which he produced, a curse which Enki seems to accept as his due.


Enki grows fond of his human creation and, in time, helps it to breed. What seems to happen then is that man breeds very rapidly and begins to cause some sort of problem. Added to that some of the Annunaki marry human females. An (still in Heaven) is not happy, nor is Enlil, Enki’s brother, and so it is decided to wipe out man in a flood. Enki tips off his favourite human, Ziusudra, tells him to build a large boat and gives him very precise technical details of how and where he is to construct this boat.

And so we come the story of Ziusudra, who sounds exactly like Noah.  However, Summerian history/mythology predates all known literatures by more than a millennium.  According to Kramer:

“The ancient literatures which have exercised the most profound influence on the more spiritual aspects of our civilization…the Bible, which contains the literary creations of the Hebrews; the Iliad and Odyssey, which are filled with the epic and mythic lore of the Greeks; the Rig-veda, which contains the literary products of ancient India; and the Avesta, which contains those of ancient Iran. None of these literary collections were written down in their present form before the first half of the first millennium B.C. Our Sumerian literature, inscribed on tablets dating from approximately 2000 B. C., therefore antedates these literatures by more than a millennium. Moreover, there is another vital difference. The texts of the Bible, of the Iliad and Odyssey, and of the Rig-veda and Avesta, as we have them, have been modified, edited, and redacted by compilers and redactors with varied motives and diverse points of view. Not so our Sumerian literature; it has come down to us as actually inscribed by the ancient scribes of four thousand years ago, unmodified and uncodified by later compilers and commentators.

From Sumerian Mythology  By Samuel Noah Kramer

The Annunaki showed themselves to be accomplished scientists, engineers, architects, mathematicians and astronomers.  But in many ways they also sound quite like us! They squabbled a lot and seemed to have constant power struggles and battles with each other.

Interestingly in other ways they seem less than us. We share many of their negative traits, but there is little evidence in the tablets that they share our positive qualities. There isn’t much evidence in the translations of deep emotion, spirituality or high consciousness.

Of course we only have a small record to go on. Rumours abound that many more tablets were found during the recent war in Iraq, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.

Whether you want to see the Sumerian tablets as mythological creation stories or as historical accounts, there is still something profound for us to learn from them.

If the stories are true, then we all have a little Annunaki in our genes. If we are hybrid creations, then perhaps that explains our dual nature. Our tendency to make war, to destroy, to lust for power, to use the planet to our own ends, without thought for the consequences is then a part of who we are.  If we understand that and see that it never actually got our ‘relations’ anywhere then maybe we can learn to embrace and tone down that aspect of our psyche.

After all, we somehow not only out developed the Annunaki, we impressed them enough to lead them to fight with each other to save us. Perhaps our human side, with its capacity for high consciousness, deep empathy and deep connection to spirituality was the part they admired but couldn’t control? It is the best of us and the part of our nature we must nurture and develop if we are to protect our planet and survive as a truly intelligent species.

Stay tuned and we will update whenever more information becomes available.

Interesting stories from around the world

Church on a pillar of rock

A tiny church that sits on a jagged cliff which has been eroded by weather over almost 14 centuries.

Two planets found sharing one orbit

Starless Planets might host life

A dog’s love

In the midst of human turmoil and scenes of devastation following the Brazil mudslides, we have a reminder that the bond of love trancends all species and must make us question how society views the status of animal consciousness.

The Beauty in Crop Circles

Has our diet of TV, CGi effects and gloomy news stories turned us into the most jaded people ever to inhabit planet earth? I ask because it just stuck me this summer that not once has any news paper or TV news station led with a story focusing on the amazing complexity and beauty of crop circles which appear with regularity all around the globe.

Why do we roll our eyes and say “Oh crop circles!” in a dismissive way? Why do we accept the party line and just swallow the explanations that say they are all hoaxes?  Well who is doing the hoaxing? Why do they do it? How do they complete such magnificent works so quickly, in the dark, unseen and unnoticed by anyone?

And if they are all not being made by what I would call ‘nature artists’, then who else might be creating them and what might they be trying to communicate?

The people who scoff the ‘alien’ hypotheses usually do so by commenting that it seems ridiculous for another race to communicate with us through fields of corn. Maybe that’s not so ridiculous. If you were a member of an alien race observing this world who would you communicate with? What government would you choose? Would you trust any government? Would you want to get to the people, but in a gentle way that doesn’t cause mass panic or interference in world affairs? Would you decide to let the idea that we might not be all alone out here on this little planet seep in gently, knowing that it might take years for people to really start to understand what the circles might be trying to say? Would you use nature to show that the diversity and natural beauty of this planet is the only resource that has value?

And if they are all man-made creations, does that stop them from being amazing works of symbolic and artistic wonder? Can we not still wonder at the precision of the artwork, the gentleness that rarely breaks a stalk, the speed with which they appear, and the brilliance of the artists who manage to come and go without ever being caught by anyone?

But there are even more mind expanding hypotheses! They may be a group consciousness phenomena created by a newly discovered ability of DNA to emit electromagetic waves that can communicate data that we have yet to fully understand.According to this article by Bradley York Bartholomew:

“Fascinating new discoveries by Russian molecular biologists have revealed that DNA has a mysterious resonance that has been termed the Phantom-DNA Effect.  In addition these Russian researchers have found that DNA reacts to voice activated laser light when it is set at the specific frequency of the DNA itself.  Using these methods it is possible not only to change the information patterns in the DNA, but it is also possible to communicate with the DNA. It seems that there is a divine intelligence in the DNA that is capable of resonating with the natural frequency of the earth in order to create crop circles.”

He has written an interesting article outling his theory in which he says:

“The findings of the molecular biologists Dr Pjotr P. Garjajev and Dr. Vladimir Poponin of the Russian Academy of Science concerning the ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’ have a radical connection with the formation of crop circles in the United Kingdom and throughout the world in recent times.  According to these scientists the DNA is emitting electromagnetic waves that continue to manifest even after the DNA sample has been removed from the experiment.  Hence the name ‘Phantom-DNA Effect’.  The genetic procedures being adopted by these scientists have been commented on and explained by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf in their book Vernetzte Intelligenz (1), who have put forward the theory that self-radiating balls of light often seen in the sky and mistaken for extra-terrestrial visitors are in fact a group consciousness phenomenon brought about by hypercommunication within the DNA.  This theory by Fosar and Bludorf can also explain the formation of crop circles which are also commonly attributed to extra-terrestrial visitors.  In addition it will be shown that the precise technology being adopted by the aforesaid scientists in Moscow represents a new energy source, previously unknown to mankind, that is capable also of creating crop circles.” Full article

Could he be right? I don’t know, but isn’t time we all stopped being so cynical and just let a little wonder and speculation back into our lives…

To find out more about crop circles check out the crop circle connector website and to hear the alien/unknown origin side of the story watch this you tube:

Hello world!

“Is peace a manifestation of something that happens inside a human being or is peace something on the outside only? This is where we have to slow down, because the definitions are abundant but what is peace? Where does the desire for peace come from? Was it that somebody sat down one day and said “Good idea to have peace in this world?” Or is peace innate and the desire for peace innate to every single human being on the face of this earth? This question in my opinion is the pivotal question.

As we exist in this world, as we function in this world, what really exists? There are issues.  Everybody is surrounded by issues. Good issues, bad issues, good news, bad news. “You have been promoted; you have been fired.” “You have just bought a new car; you have just lost a new car.” Today, you are young. And you look—the same self will look at the mirror and say, “Today, you are old.” Remember this. It was you—the same self—looked in the mirror and said, “I am so young.” The same self looked in the mirror and said, “I look good.” The same self is going to look in the mirror and proclaim, “I’m getting old.” Same self is going to look in the mirror and say, “I used to be young.” Same mirror. Mirror is mirror. Same self. So, are you not curious, what is this self? Are you not curious to understand your true nature? Are you not curious to understand what is this realm of existence? People talk about liberation, and I wonder. What liberation? This body comes from dust. This is what it came from. These simple elements. And it’ll go back to these elements and it’ll be re-used again and again and again. And again, and again, and again. And then they go, “But the soul. Your essence will come back.” My essence cannot be separated from the essence of the infinite. It’s one and the same. This is where in me resides the infinite. This body is finite, and what lives inside this finite shell is infinite.”  (Maharaji)

Noetic technically refers to a sense of “inner knowing” and the world of inner consciousness that opens when we access the subtle senses beyond the familiar senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  This digest is concerned with the part of us that contains the infinite and the infinite awareness that it brings. We aim to provide a window to all the places on the net that enrich this inner knowing and which can help bring all of us closer to the experience of how amazing and beautiful a human being can be.

To quote Maharaji again: “The journey is the destination.” As human beings we are on an incredible journey. Do we realise what we have been given? Do we realise how rare and amazing we are? Are we aware that by being fully conscious in the world of knowing that we can be in heaven while we are alive? And most important of all, it’s very simple. We try to complicate everything to feed our intellect, but actually the intellect is just a tool to get by in life.  It’s just the game we have to play to survive.

The mind was never designed to feel peace. Peace can only be felt in the heart and thankfully the process of connecting with the heart is very simple. However, telling that to the intellect is not so simple! Hopefully this site will link you to many ways of overriding the intellect and linking directly with the heart!